40 plus Makeup Masterclass – Makeup and Skincare on maturing skin

//40 plus Makeup Masterclass – Makeup and Skincare on maturing skin

40 plus Makeup Masterclass – Makeup and Skincare on maturing skin

So Sunday I did the very first Makeup Masterclass for ladies over 40. This is something I want to do more of because there is a need for it, Women over 40 want to feel pretty and beautiful but often the changes to the face means that we can’t wear makeup in the way we used to, there are masterclasses out there for over 40s but they are being delivered by MUAs in their 20s who quite frankly can not relate to what these ladies are experiencing and their concerns with the makeup and especially skincare.

So the ladies asked me to blog about the event as a few didn’t bring their notepads to take some notes and being the blog friendly MUA that I am I have agreed to do a small recap.

Skincare, Skincare and more skincare as we age. I can not stress enough how important it is to look after your skin and take the time to look after it. This means those makeup wipes you have by the side of the bed to take your face off need to be lashed in the bin. I hate them, they are the worst of the worst, tear the skin, strip the skin of all the goodness as they are far too astringent, so we all need to get into the habit of cleansing the skin correctly and I personally go between 2 cleansers maybe 3 at a push and that is the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and the Emma Hardie Cleanser. I cleanse my skin every single morning and every single night regardless.

Sadly from the age 25 our skin is classed as maturing and the reason is that we start to see collagen breaking down and hyaluronic acid which we find naturally in our skin, basically it is the thing that keeps young skin plump and firm. So every single day morning and night after cleanse and before moisturiser I apply hyaluronic acid to my skin and I see it working immediately it also holds 1000 times more moisture so it will supercharge your moisturiser, I use the Ordinary as it really is the best and I get this from Beauty Bay or Cult Beauty online.

I talked about my love of products that contain vitamin c, I talked about our skin losing glow and luminosity as we age and that vitamin C will add this back into the skin and I used a beautiful oil that is supercharged with Vitamin C from Peggy Sage Code. A great product I used it on a male grooming job in the summer on Gethin Jones who is in his early 40s he had great skin but needed a little bit of glow for the film he was involved in so when using this I didn’t need to do much else other than spot cover areas where he needed it.

I talked about not using a primer as such because I feel that doing the good skincare and getting all the above right means that there is not the need for it, unless the skin is super oily I may only use a mattifying primer in the area that is oil prone to control it. I use Embryolisse and I again get this from Beauty Bay online for me it is better than any primer as it adds stunning glow and it hydrates the skin and by using it I find it makes the makeup last.

The base I used on the models was the EX1 Foundation and I buy this from Superdrug for £12.50, however on mature skin I love the following bases: Laura Mercier Silk crème the oil free Photo Finish, CC Cream from IT Cosmetics, Peggy Sage Code Luminouskin, Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation. I don’t like to see heavy foundation on older skin and I avoid matte at all costs because they sit terrible in the fine lines and wrinkles that form around our eyes and our mouths. As we age we want base that flatters and adds in the glow that are skin doesn’t naturally have.

Concealer is important and I use ones that are nicely hydrating as it is important that the concealer does not grab into the fine lines around the eye area. I use Luminouskin from Code and their Peach toned Concealer for ladies who get dark circles.

I also talked about cream eyeshadow that are the best for ageing eyes because they build, they last and they sit better on crepe skin of the eyes, I told my ladies to check out the blog and Instagram for Trinny Woodall who has brought out an amazing range that is mature friendly and it is based on crème shadows. I used the Eyes to Mesmerise pots from Charlotte Tilbury in Marie Antoinette and Bette on our model and for an evening look I took a cream from the Peggy Sage Palette.

Eye liner is a grey area as we age we need to soften it and not wear the thick black liner we need to soften the colour and soften the overall look as again anything too harsh can be ageing.

I filled in the brow with a pencil that had a brush on the end to soften out the effect which is again great if you were to make a mistake.

Finally I picked a lipcolour with added hydration and moisture and this again is so important as we age because our lips can become more dehydrated, I firstly lined the lip with a complimentary liner and I mentioned that this is great if the lips have thinned down to add extra dimension to the lip. The colour I used was a chubby stick from Code Cosmetics. The lip I finished the look in for a more evening look was the Code Cosmetics Metallic lip and even though it was a liquid lipstick it still nice and hydrating.

I am planning to do a few more classes in the New year with Code Cosmetics and we are looking at another at their store in Llandudno and the other at a location on the Wirral and maybe another in Hawarden.

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