60s Bridal Photoshoot

//60s Bridal Photoshoot

60s Bridal Photoshoot

I recently coordinated a shoot with a 60s vibe.

My parents in April celebrated 50 years of marriage and my Mum being a trendy little thing back in the day was ultra modern in her mini dress with a matching duster jacket and did not wear traditional white and opted for a royal blue.  Mum had short hair and she had it big and backcombed into a short beehive.  I love looking at the few wedding pictures that they have and what I always get from the era is a time of change.

The 60s was a time of change in so many ways, attitudes changing from the post war generation, new and daring music was being listened to that pushed boundaries and influenced the fashions.  New designers coming to the forefront and young people had money to spend on fashion and to experiment and fashion of the 60s, it is just for me the best time in history, hem lines in skirts lifted and it must have been an exciting time.  My parents were very much part of this era being part of the 60s music and club scene where they met in 1963 in the swinging Liverpool sixties.

I wanted to celebrate their time in the organising of this shoot and got a great team together to make this happen.  I am not going to lie it was a learning curve with the amount of people dropping in and dropping out and I will know if I ever organise something like this again.

The guys who stuck with it were.

La Beau Fleurs – Rachel researched floral bouquets of the time and she noticed that the posies where smaller with little floral blooms and she created 2 beautiful bouquets with this in mind.

Teresa Cunningham – She is incredible, I adore Teri.  She has a cracking personality, always upbeat and happy and her photos are gorgeous.  If you are yet to find a wedding photographer then check her out.

Models Rachel Toal and Laura Hopkinson both got into character and embodied that era.

Hair was Duncan Fisher Hair Designer, he does big hair so well and he jumped at the chance of taking part in this shoot.

I borrowed gowns from Sixpenny Bride, she sent me 3 gowns from the 60s and one of them was remiscent of my Mum’s dress and jacket but in conventional bridal colours.  Each gown really made the shoot authentic.  She also supplied us with veils and a head piece from the time.

The venue was the amazing Hawarden Castle Pavilion.  I live in the area of Hawarden in North Wales, however close to the border with Cheshire, and I love where I live and the company behind this venue own a few businesses locally and they always do retro with a mix of modern so well, so a perfect choice for a 60s shoot with the eclectic décor.  The building being an old cricket Pavilion with windows all around so the light pouring in was perfect for the shoot like this.

Makeup for me was researched fully before embarking on this. I wanted to try and be as authentic to the time as I could be but still retain a bit of a modern edge.

I used Matte base as appose to the dew and shimmer you see in today’s makeup.

Eyes I used colour on both of the models on Rachel a subtle cut crease using purples and lilac and on Laura I used blue shadow, lots of liner and lashes to finish the looks.

A pink lipstick to finish and they were good to get in front of the camera.

So with all the set backs and the changes and it becoming a smaller team, it did not matter because for those images we gained made up for the little set backs.  I am grateful we got to do this.

Hope you like it.

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