Lush Lashes – my thoughts on the best solution for the big day….

//Lush Lashes – my thoughts on the best solution for the big day….

Lush Lashes – my thoughts on the best solution for the big day….

Semi perm lashes or lash lifts – my thoughts

I am often asked the question about having semi perm lashes or if lashes are long enough a lash lift over strip lashes and the answer to the question is a big YES, do them.

Here are my reasons as to why I recommend these over a strip lashes:

I can use the strongest lash glues on the market and I do use the best in Ardell, DUO and Revlon for the latex free, but it does not matter at all what I use there is the chance that with tears, heating up and other factors they may come away in corner and this is never a good look.

Strip lashes only last a few hours and need to be removed before bed, however having either semi perm lashes or having a lash lift, these will see you through the next few weeks after and could be around on the honeymoon.

So what are these two treatments:

Semi perm lashes – These are silk or mink single or fan lashes bonded to your own natural lash and can last up to 3 to 4 weeks and longer if you book in for a maintenance appointment at 2 or 3 weeks in.  They come off when your own natural lash comes away through natural hair shedding.  You can get semi perm lashes in different lengths, curls and thickness and varying techniques from classic to very full Russian XD technique.

Lash lift – Personally this is my fave treatment as I have naturally long lashes but they are straight and drop down so when I have this done it lifts my lashes and with the tint it looks like my own lashes are false.  This is simply a perm and in the treatment a rod or silicone pad is glued to the lid and the lashes are glue to the pad and perm solution then added to the root.  Once the solution is removed the lashes are tinted and then you have lift, curled and tinted lashes and for me they are easy to manage and I can get away with little makeup as my lashes look so good and it makes my eyes look awake.

Now I offer the above treatments but this is by no means at plug for my services as I purely offer this as an add on to my brides if they want it, my main business focus will always be my bridal makeup work, but if I am asked I will do it, I do have a small regular client base doing this treatment.

I charge £35 for classic lashes and £45 for hybrid which is a mix of fans and single lashes, I used to offer Russian but I don’t offer this anymore as it is a very long treatment and I don’t enjoy it or like the finish as much as the other 2 types.

I charge  £30 for a lash lift but a strict tint and solution test before I can do this.

Consider these treatments girls, this is not a plug as I have said for me, this is advising you to reconsider having strip lashes and go for something more longer lasting and something that will not run the risk of coming off on the day.

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