A look back at 2018

//A look back at 2018

A look back at 2018

As a Wedding Makeup Artist, 2018 has been another great year full of beautiful brides and fun filled mornings a Bridal Prep.

Every single wedding is an absolute honour to be part of and each one so very different in look, style and feel on the day.  I honestly have the best job as a Bridal Makeup Artist in the North West and North Wales, I get to travel to some wonderful venues, brides homes, stately homes, barn venues and some really unique and quirky weddings.

Stand out weddings this year have been:

2 Steam punk themed weddings

I have been guest at 2 weddings as well at the MUA, one being my sister in law Rachael

A Masquerade themed wedding

Dusky pink and glowy makeup being really on trend and I love this look

Brave brides knowing how much I love a statement lip and I especially love a red lip against the white/ivory of a wedding dress.  Hayley my bride in July said at trial she wanted a nude lip and on the actual day she changed her mind and I am so glad she did, against the stand out dress for 2019 she blew it away with the simple elegant slick of a red lip.  I have included her on the slide show as it is my favourite look.

Tyn Dwr Hall in Llangollen, this place takes my breath away in terms of location and how it looks inside, it really is all that and more.  They have a dressing room and dressing rooms in venues are everything….

Tower Hill Barns, the place again is a dream and they have a salon at the back of the main house, this place is so well kitted out with a gorgeous well lit salon space.

Soughton Hall that drive up and that driveway is something else and I always get excited to visit this venue, and I can literally roll out of bed as its 10 mins from my home.  They also have a dressing room, are you seeing a theme here I am a lover of a dressing room.

Chilled, happy stress free mornings.

Amazing testimonials from all my lovely brides, and I never ask them to do it, they do it because they know I offer the Best service in the industry and I make sure that the morning and look is perfection.  Because of this they are compelled to review my page.

I am so excited for 2019 and meeting lots of new brides, I am excited to see the dresses, the colours, the themes and just the how amazingness of a wedding.  I am a geek and I honestly get super excited for each one and I am not just saying this, I LIVE and BREATH weddings and the whole magic of it all.

Happy planning and if you want my service and to be one of my brides then get in touch.




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