A Makeup Artist and why do your research

//A Makeup Artist and why do your research

A Makeup Artist and why do your research

I am probably going to be considered negative for this blog and so be it. My industry that I have worked so hard to be the best I can be at is being destroyed and it is being destroyed by 2 day or even 3 day courses to become a trained and qualified Makeup Artist.

These girls pay out thousands of pounds to come out of it as a qualified MUA saying they have all the skills and knowledge that I learnt over a year and I am still learning 11 years on and then they are putting themselves out as Bridal Makeup Artists and doing Makeup on the most precious day of a woman’s life. A day that they have spent thousands on and a day that they have probably dreamed of since childhood….

Last year there was an MUA on the Wirral who cancelled, twice to my knowledge on a bride just on that morning, but I have been told on good authority that is was several more times than that.

Why would you risk it if it only saves you £40 to £50 maximum.

Another question is that the makeup they create is carbon copy of everything else, because they have only been taught one way and it will be that senior Makeup Artist’s way. To be a Makeup Artist you have to carve our your own style and be able to create looks based on what that girl is looking for, for the day.

I have had Photographers telling me that they have had to work harder in post production because the base does not match the chest or there is white powder from a face that has been set with HD powder that reacts to the flash.

In 3 days you can not begin to know… how to discover what skin type you are dealing with and the correct prep and prime and finally base and setting, you can not begin to determine someone’s brief and vision, or you can not even understand the importance of hygiene and the contra actions and indications. Another biggie is dealing with Mum, putting Makeup on a mature skin is so much different to putting makeup on a girl in her 20s and 30s, so look at the makeup on the mature clients if they are showing them on their page, many don’t….

When I trained to be an MUA I spent 6 weeks of my course learning theory and understanding the bones, the muscles and the set up of the skin, then we covered skin types and how to deal with them and finally then we were allowed to put brushes to a face.

Makeup is art, makeup is science and you can not possibly learn and come away with a qualification after just 2 days so this is why there is a massive influx of Makeup Artists and why every girls with some skills is putting themselves out there and I am all for helping people out as life is hard so trying to make money is important but after a few day course you can not possibly have the skills, knowledge to take on a bride’s big day.

I am doing well and this is because I work hard at it and I have good word of mouth but even I know that the market is saturated and it is becoming increasingly harder to be seen and be noticed.

Please do your homework, ask where the MUA trained, stalk their Instagram, ask for insurance as we all should have it… do they have a contract with terms that cover both them and you? these are all things that are vitally important and why risk it to save a few pounds.

Knowledge is everything, experience is everything and training correctly is everything…. research, research and more research before you take the plunge and book and that goes for everything from photographer, hair, florist and cake.

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