A Slice of Pie – Beauty Pie the lowdown and why it is worth it

//A Slice of Pie – Beauty Pie the lowdown and why it is worth it

A Slice of Pie – Beauty Pie the lowdown and why it is worth it

I have recently been using products from Beauty Pie and I just wanted to talk about Beauty Pie and why I love it.

So I saw Caroline Hirons talking about Beauty Pie on her blog and Instagram and she did a promo advert. I like Caroline because she’s a little bit like me in terms of being quite a “what you see is what you get” and “say it as it is” kind of person. I like that trait in a person, I prefer realness from my bloggers and for want of a better word, influencers.

So I ummed and I ahh’d for weeks on do I sign up or do I not and I decided lets give it a whirl.

So I will explain what Beauty Pie is, it is a club that you pay a monthly subscription to be part of and I decided to put a £10 limit per month into being a member, but you can choose to put more in if you like and I will be upping to £30 a month going forward and here is why. You get an amount to spend based on what you choose to put into it, so for my £10 I get £100 worth of credit and this credit goes up the more you put in. So when you pop something into your bag then its taken off the credit but you pay the lower price which is listed on the item, so you see what it would retail at if on the high street and you will see what you will pay which is massively discounted.

Why is this so good? You are getting high end skincare and makeup products for a fraction of the price you would get from those high end brands that are out there for example: I bought a palette last week that looks and is identical to a very well known palette from a seriously high end brand for less than £10. Beauty Pie are giving you products from the manufacturers that work with some of the seriously luxe ranges of skincare and makeup but selling it at affordable prices and if you are a skincare and beauty junkie like I am you can see the savings you can be making.

I have had some crazy good things from this brand, the bronzers are the best I have ever used, the makeup palette called the all in one palette is a great day to day palette, the Japanfusion cleanser is fast becoming a cult and must have product to all skincare lovers, then that tinted moisturiser its better than a brand I was using paying a lot for it in my kit. Some of the skincare is Swiss made and formulated which you will find in all of the £200 plus price ranged skincare products on the market, the 5 Minute Mask is literally the best in my skincare armour and would normally retail close to £60 but I paid £8.60 for it.

So the other week I bought easily over £200 worth of makeup as I had allowance that went over because I hadn’t bought for a couple of months and I paid less than £40 for it all.

If you are buying makeup and skincare each month and it is your thing, then give it a try, last week I posted about this on my Instagram stories and 15 of my followers signed up from my recommendation. I am no way and influencer but when I say doing something is good it is coming from my honest opinion and I mean what I say.

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