Amazing Makeup starts with good skincare

//Amazing Makeup starts with good skincare

Amazing Makeup starts with good skincare

Skincare something that should not be overlooked, good makeup starts with a great canvas to paint onto and this is your skin.

A big part of my trial is talking to my brides about their skin and the problems they have with their skin, it could be oily skin that means the makeup does not stay all day, they could have dry patches that makes the makeup flake off.

So yes the trial is the time I try out the look of the day on the bride, but if the skin is not at its very best it can be then the makeup is never going to look super flawless on the wedding day, so tackling it 6 months before and using products designed to help will make the skin so much better.

A bride recently came into me with what is called dry oily skin a combination that is pretty hard to work with, because you have both extremes to combat, and the reason this happens is because oily skin sufferers go for products that are designed to combat the oil, we all know the products one is with a famous Hollyoaks actress on TV infomercials, others are on the shelves in your local Boots or Superdrug.   What happens is said products strips the skin as they are far too astringent for the skin and makes it dry but the skin overcompensates by producing more oil and voila you get dry oily skin, its pretty bad to work on but there are products out there that really work.  I told her to try a brand called the Ordinary from Deceim and try out Niacinamide serum on the skin this helps acne and oily skin sufferers by evening out the skin tone, improving the skin texture and taking away the dullness, also instead of being scared of using oil on the skin many skin specialists recommend that on skin with oil, use an oil to hydrate and add moisture so she is using Squalene again from the Ordinary, along with a few other gems out there, she has messaged a month on to tell me her skin is amazing and has never felt better so we plan to trial again in the new year.

One thing I often say as well is go onto the Deceim website on there you can chat to an expert at the company and they will give you an idea of what to buy for your skin type and will tell you which order and when to use the products, and the nice thing about products from their brand The Ordinary is that is will not break the bank for each product you pay anything from £5 to £12 maximum, plus you can have your own bespoke and tailored skin care regime.

Another bride earlier this year had the opposite problem very dry skin, so I recommended using a hyaluronic acid to add plumpness and hydration to the skin, I then recommended a great product called Weleda Skin Food and extremely rich so on dry areas it really helps.  I personally suffer from dry skin and for me the Hyaluronic acid is a lifeline I use this morning and night along with the Weleda Skin Food patted into my skin.

A lady called in last week looking for advice on her Rosacea and I talk her through using lighter bases than resorting to using Dermablend (mega full cover), along with products to help sooth the redness and help to sooth the redness and deal with some of the dry skin it can bring.

Basically what I am trying to say is work with me as a knowledgeable MUA who takes time to listen and understand and your makeup and skin will be all the better.

Makeup styles are changing and it very much becoming the time where skin is in, and we are now seeing more trends for glow coming from skincare and using a touch of base, as apose to thick and heavy full cover bases.  An ethos that I very much have always stood by in my makeup application.

So I am not just another MUA who turns up on the day to paint your face and your bride tribe.  I take care early on to make sure everything about your look is perfection.

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