Beauty After 40 – Makeup Masterclasses

//Beauty After 40 – Makeup Masterclasses

Beauty After 40 – Makeup Masterclasses

It has been something I have wanted to do for such a long time and that is to do a Masterclass but instead of the focus being on modern makeup styles and night out makeup, I really wanted to put my efforts into something that I feel most passionate about and this is Makeup on ladies over 40.

Turning 40 for me was a daunting time I still feel young, I still want to dress young and I still want to be in touch with fashion but I am aware in terms of my Makeup, I can not wear it in the same way as I did 15 to 20 years ago. Makeup I used to wear suddenly began to age me, the strong smoky eyes I was known for wearing suddenly made my eyes look small and lined and I had to adjust and make a change from the dark eyes and nude lips I loved to wear.

Then the issue with wearing the base, I loved for many years in Illamasqua Skin Base, suddenly my skin looked chalky and matte and the lines that weren’t there without makeup, suddenly appeared and became more amplified.

So something had to give, I still make a play for my eyes but it just more refined and picking colours that bring out the colour in them. Lips are less nude these days and slightly brighter as this brightens my skin as skin dulls and looses luminosity as we age. The base I use now is more about a second skin with dewiness rather than something matte that sits in lines and makes my face look flat.

A big part of my Makeup is understanding that my skin needs to be in tip top condition and the focus has become very much about my skin underneath the makeup, so I work on this day and night daily and my skin has been the best it has ever been because of it.

My favourite part of any Makeup application is making the Mum at a wedding, look and feel amazing. Many times I am told by them, that they don’t wear Makeup anymore and they don’t want to look like mutton or a clown and this is just it too much makeup can be ageing, it is a time where less is more. I love giving Mum’s a little confidence boost and make them feel a million dollars.

So with all of this in mind I constantly share insights of skin care I use and Makeup I like and have picked up a little following who buy what I recommend and listen to what I say.

I taught a makeup class earlier this year and it was packed and it was for this company via Groupon but the problem was this: 50 50 split of very young and the opposite of ladies up to the age of 80 and 2 hours to teach makeup to a room that wanted to get as much as they could from the class, but telling young girls one thing I was polarising the mature ladies in the room and vice versa and it was the hardest class I have ever taught and I felt like I had let them all down.

So I realised there was a need for ladies with mature skin to have their own class, there are many masterclasses out there being delivered by MUA but most of these girls are in their 20s?? I am not I am 42 and I understand more than anyone the changes that happen and can deal with this with understanding and knowledge.

My first class will be on Sunday 17th November at the Glynne Arms in Hawarden from 1pm to 4pm in the upstairs function rooms. I will have one of my favourite brands on hand Code Cosmetics with Skin Care and Makeup and in the ticket price you will receive a £5 redeemable voucher for you to purchase makeup from their line.

Tickets are £20 and you can purchase via this link only

I will be looking to do a second class on the Wirral more info to come so watch this space.

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