Bridal Hair Style predictions for 2019/2020 by Carol Ellis-Thompson

//Bridal Hair Style predictions for 2019/2020 by Carol Ellis-Thompson

Bridal Hair Style predictions for 2019/2020 by Carol Ellis-Thompson

I am often asked in quotes to do bridal hair or can I give a price for bridal hair and the answer is this I don’t do it.  I am a specialist in makeup and it is a totally different skill set.  I have always said I am the painter and the hairdresser is the sculpture and this is very true.  There are many that say that they multi skill and work across the 2 skill sets and this is fine, but for me I want to be an expert and a master of my craft of bridal makeup and for hair my go to girl is always Hair by Carol Ellis-Thompson.

I met Carol now over 5 years ago she connected with me on Facebook as I was establishing myself as a Bridal Makeup Artist and she was thinking about doing more bridal hair and going self employed with it.

I liked her and we got chatting and I decided to use her on my forthcoming wedding that year.  From there we clicked and we have worked together ever since, not all weddings but the brides that know us, know we work well as a pair.  We keep the business separate we could join ranks but we are happy with the way it is I recommend her and she recommends me.

So I recently blogged about my predictions in Bridal Makeup and I thought why not ask Carol what she thought.  So here goes:


Wedding hair predictions for  2019-20 by Hair by Carol Ellis-Thompson

Every bride’s hair should be top priority, alongside the make-up and the dress….  basically how you are going to look on the day, you are centre of attention all day and all night ..

You need ‘great hair’

It’s still all about simplicity, elegance and romance.

A fashionable wedding in the 2019-20 will be…

Boho hair, braids are still massive, easy to incorporate into many styles, up or down, it adds that little extra to the look .

Texture is big for 2019/20 its all about the undone updo.  The in-perfect look , pulled out, soft, texture, from ponies to messy buns…

Hair accessories, still huge for this year and next.

Hair pins, tiaras and hair vines to add the sparkle, then we are also seeing Alice bands and ribbons and then  you could also add floral accessories or real flowers a cheaper alternative that is great for bridesmaids.


Back to my thoughts (Cathryn) what Carol has predicted and is seeing in Bridal Hair is very much mirrored by what I am seeing with Bridal Makeup the structured looks are becoming a thing of the past, brides are looking for less contrived looks and I am seeing a desire to look like a more polished version of themselves and it really is a refreshing trend and this is why I enjoy working with Carol as she embodies my thoughts and visions and the styles go together.

So if you are looking for beautiful bridal hair then you can contact Carol via her Facebook page


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