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Bridal News

Rosecea – covering and soothing the redness

Rosacea is a skin condition that is in my family and I have developed it over the years and it effects around my nose, however my older Sister, Jayne has this also but much more [...]

The Hopeless Romantic

I have been out mentoring this morning at the Make-up Degree with Hugh Baird College in Liverpool. I spoke to the students about running a bridal makeup business and they asked me lots of questions [...]

Double Cleansing –

It's all about the skincare for today's blog and getting skin in the best possible state ready for the big day, this is something that many skincare junkies do and good reason as it really [...]

New and exciting venues for 2019

As a Bridal Makeup Artist I get around Cheshire, North Wales and further afield from time to time and this year has been really great as I have got to see some really fantastic venues [...]

60s Bridal Photoshoot

I recently coordinated a shoot with a 60s vibe. My parents in April celebrated 50 years of marriage and my Mum being a trendy little thing back in the day was ultra modern in her [...]

I travel for weddings

I will travel to do weddings of course anything that is over 20 mile radius from where I live in Hawarden near Chester, I will charge mileage to get to venue and my return. I [...]