Do your research and getting the right Bridal Makeup Artist

//Do your research and getting the right Bridal Makeup Artist

Do your research and getting the right Bridal Makeup Artist

I say this all the time and this morning whilst perusing through a Facebook Bridal Forum, I saw a very sad and disheartened bride who recently married and she was so upset not with the photos or her dress but her makeup, in the photo.  She showed an image of the makeup she had agreed with the MUA at trial and then the makeup that the same MUA created at her actual wedding.  The makeup was nothing like the look that was created at the trial and looking back on wedding images was a look that I would describe as, party makeup and not bridal, very bold dark, almost black block eyebrows, eye makeup that was orange in tone as appose to the soft browns used in the trial, her base was heavy with a thick orange contour.  She was so upset as it did not look great in the photos and when she questioned the look the MUA refused to change because she had ran out of time.

This is not a single case, this type of thing is happening again and again and why?  The market is now saturated with inexperienced and unskilled Makeup Artists who sadly have not been trained in the fundamental basics of how to apply makeup in various scenarios that an experienced Makeup Artist like myself will find themselves in.  Gone are the days where an MUA would go to college for weeks on end honing and learning this skill and craft, and after this they go on to practice and further develop the skill before taking money from paid clients.  I did makeup on several friends, TFP photoshoots and constant practice on my Sister’s face before I was ready to take paying clients.  Quick fix Makeup courses seem to be the thing now, you can apparently become a fully trained MUA in 2 days but how in 2 days can you learn and fully understand: skin prep, contra actions and indications, cleaning kit and hygiene, colour theory, makeup application for every style imaginable.

What I am trying to say is this, it is the biggest day of your life you have spent a fortune no doubt on the venue, the dress and the photographer so why compromise this for an MUA that has inexperience in weddings and they are offering makeup for the day at a cheap price and undercutting established artists.

I have been a Makeup Artist now for over 10 years and with this I have countless weddings behind me and not just a great understanding of makeup application on all skin types and ages, but also I know how an wedding morning operates and I work to strict timescales and deadlines.

Then there is the look that is created, a wedding is one day at a particular time and obviously styles will be of that time but you want to be able to look back at the photos in 20, 30 and 40 years time and still love what you see and what you show your future family, the look I create needs to stand the test of time so a heavy dark brow and a heavy contour reminiscent of Instagram styles really isn’t going to stand the test of time.

All I can say is with anything in the bridal world do your research, look at the testimonials, what are the past brides saying about the MUA, are they being recommended, look at the portfolio and do you like their work?

I have never felt more compelled to write a blog on Makeup and picking the right Makeup Artist for your day.

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