Double Cleansing –

//Double Cleansing –

Double Cleansing –

It’s all about the skincare for today’s blog and getting skin in the best possible state ready for the big day, this is something that many skincare junkies do and good reason as it really works and skin always feels so clean when you do it.

Double Cleansing is something I really advocate starting if you aren’t already doing it and chuck away those makeup wipes to remove makeup immediately….

It is better to use 2 gentle cleansers over using 1 stronger one.

I don’t double cleanse my skin in the morning although many do, I just feel it is not necessary and in the morning I always use my Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser to remove any oil and sweat that has accumulated on my skin whilst I am sleeping.

Before bed I always double cleanse and I use 2 different cleansers the first I use an oil based one to break down any makeup I am wearing that day, the two, I alternate between are Squalene Cleanser from The Ordinary or Japonesque from Beauty Pie (Beauty Pie is a subscription Makeup and Skincare that I pay £10 a month into and I buy high end makeup and skincare at trade prices). My second cleanse is to deeply clean out my pores and refresh my skin and to make sure that every single trace of Makeup is gone again I use the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser.

The worst thing you can use on your skin is Makeup Wipes, I do not use them on my skin at all, and never will again, they can cause tears to the skin, they strip the skin as they are far to astringent and using them it pulls at the skin, there is a huge backlash against these wipes and the only time I use is to remove fallout if I am using glitter or pigment on my eye-makeup or to remove makeup from the back of my hand when working.

Try it this week and see what you think.

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