Finding that perfect look for your big day

//Finding that perfect look for your big day

Finding that perfect look for your big day

I often look at myself as more than just a Bridal Makeup Artist, I see myself as a stylist and someone who can help you see the final vision for your big day.

You purchase the perfect dress, you create boards on pinterest to make your style and vision for the day come alive, from the colour scheme, the floral designs and the general feel for the day you are planning.

So with all that work in creating that overall style for the day, why would you compromise by booking a MUA that does not have the experience to make that look become a reality.

I work with my brides from initial conversation at booking, through to the trial where we sit and discuss how you want to look.  You could be looking for a boho style or the opposite end of the spectrum Hollywood Glamour.  Basically I will work with you to make that come alive.

I have worked with over the years hundreds of brides and with countless testimonials, you will see that I get it right for them.  The testimonials that they leave for me are purely off their own backs as they are so happy with that makeup I have done for them.

I work with so many great Bridal Hair-stylists too and I have a small list of those I recommend because their style and work ethics match mine, and my go to are:

Carol Ellis-Thompson

Leigh Jordan

Samantha Gannon

Duncan Fisher

Ladies I can not stress enough that it is much more than rocking up and doing your makeup on the day and leaving.  I am a huge part of your morning and very much involved in all the fun and excitement, in many cases I have been known to help calm a nervous/anxious bride.  I have to stick to meticulous time keeping and at the end of all the makeup, I have completely lost count of how many time I have put a bride into her dress.

I love my job and I live and breath the whole process and magic of a wedding day and each bride is left with the vision and style she really wanted for her day.

It is wonderful to be part of and each morning I leave with a sense of achievement and happiness and when this feeling dies I know it will be time to hang up my brush belt, but I see me doing it for many years to come.

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