How it all began and the little accolades along the way

//How it all began and the little accolades along the way

How it all began and the little accolades along the way

I often have to pinch myself as 15 years ago if you had told the old me working in a very different world of Corporate Sales and Financial Services that I would be doing this for a living I would never have believed it.

From a young age I always had a flair with fashion and always strived to never follow the crowd or dress like everyone else and with this always wanted to follow a career in art in someway or fashion. It never worked out like that and I ended up taking a totally different direction partly down to my Mother being cautious that I make it in this profession and her desire to see me make something of myself and Art as she saw it was never going to be a lucrative move for me. So I left school and then college following path that I never wanted to ever do, but I made the best of it and was actually pretty good at Sales and Marketing and from there moved into field sales roles.

Funnily enough I now actually thank my Mum for pushing me into this direction and here is the reason why… I have a Sales and Marketing background and experience working in professional corporate roles, so when I take the business forward I have business acumen and a knowledge of how to sell my business and market myself correctly and then on the day and run up to the wedding conduct myself in a professional manner. It has actually helped me to get to the position I am today and that I am truly thankful for.

So 11 years ago I walked over to Yale college in Wrexham with a friend in our lunch break as she was signing up to doing an Accountancy course and as I waited I flicked through the course prospectus and saw they had a 20 weeks Makeup Course and I signed up. I loved the course and got through it with flying colours being the only student who left with a Distinction. I then decided to do friends weddings and from this got a load of photos to use to market the business and from this I started to pick up a few weddings a year that increased every year. In 2013 I got married and worked around my wedding commitments that year and then in 2014 I walked out of the job I was then doing to pursue this job full time instead as a sideline to another job.

I have never looked back and I love what I do and the things that I have achieved over the years, tons of styled shoots and many have been published in magazines and front covers. Preferred supplier on some of the most gorgeous venues in the local area. A fantastic reputation in the industry with tons of recommendations from past brides and colleagues in the industry alike.

In 2015/16 I won the County Brides North West wedding award for Best Bridal Makeup. The past 6 years I have appeared in the top 50 Bridal Makeup Artists in the UK with Go Hen and again this year. I was listed in the top 40 Bridal Makeup Artists with Wedding Ideas Magazine. This year I have entered the Wedding Industry Awards and I hope I at least make it to the final.

I am no dolly bird, I am not false and always honest and humble to where I am and never ever take a moment of it for granted and I think my brides like this in me. I am good at my job, I always go that extra mile and I stand out as I am true to the ethos of the business that my work is always Classic, timeless and elegant and this is something I stand by and will continue to adopt for years to come, as fashion fades and style is eternal.

Do something you love and you will never work another day in your life.

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