I love a venue with a good dressing room…

//I love a venue with a good dressing room…

I love a venue with a good dressing room…

I have had a busy few weeks and today I have finally got a day off and thought I would jump on and write a cheeky blog about something that is becoming more and more popular with all the venues I work from.

There is nothing better for me than going to a venue that has a large designated dressing room. In the very early days these were never around and I would find myself using the bed as a table and cramming myself and a kit into a corner of a room, without sufficient light or electricity for me to plug into my Airbrush machine. Then about an 2 hours before the ceremony a photographer would turn up and want to take prep photos so that space would become even more difficult. It still happens and 2 very high end Cheshire venues still have not caught on to it yet, but I have hope that they will see the importance to the professionals working from the venue and to the comfort of the bride and her bride tribe.

A dressing room always has a designated area with plenty of plug places for the hairdresser to work from and then an area for makeup with plenty of light and a higher chair which really helps with my back, nothing worse than bending down to put makeup on a person.

Tyn Dwr Hall in Llangollen in my opinion has the very best dressing room because it is light, it’s large so enough room for the bridal party to relax, it has a separate makeup station and 2 hair stations. Room for the bridal party to hang all the gowns up and the staff are absolutely fantastic because they will go out of their way to make sure that morning is perfection.

Another great dressing room for me is at Delamere Manor in Cheshire, it’s so lovely and comfortable with plenty of work space, only downside is that lack of light coming in as the light is blocked by the orangery, but they make up for this by putting a great ring light on the makeup station, which not only makes it easier but it also gives me the best photos, so its win win. Staff really lovely in this venue so a new favourite for me.

Tower Hill Barns near Llangollen, they actually have 2 places for bridal prep and one I do prefer over the other and that is the room at the back of the cottage, its an awesome salon space with tons of light and it is cool and plenty of working space too, the other is in the barn up in the eaves but with hot air rising and hairdryers going it can get a bit hot, but having said that it is a big space so the bridal party can relax whilst waiting their turn for hair or makeup and the other space doesn’t accommodate that.

Sandhole Oak Barns near Congleton, this is another great dressing room again 2 spaces for makeup and 2 for hair, lot of light although I turn the chairs round so I am facing the windows as I love to work with as much natural light as I can. Sadly if there is a wedding the day before I don’t get access until 9am which can be hard if I have a large party and a short space to do the makeup.

I can’t stress how much I love a dressing room as they make my life that bit easier but it makes for a really chilled morning for the bride because there is space to enjoy the morning and everyone can hang out together.

I would love to see more venues bring them in, and I am sure more places will get onto this in time, it would certainly be a big thumbs up for me if I was planning my day.

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