If its cheap there is a reason…..

//If its cheap there is a reason…..

If its cheap there is a reason…..

I don’t want this post to come across all ranty or me being smug about my experience but I feel that this needs to be said.

So sometimes for the sake of an extra £20 per person (extra £100 if it was a party of 5 people which is my average size wedding party if we averaged out over the time I have been at this) brides are seeking the cheaper option when looking for a Bridal Makeup Artist.  I understand that brides are on a budget and I have been there too, BUT…  and its a huge BUT its your wedding day and simply one of the most important life events you will ever have to do.  The way you look is EVERYTHING so you go out and you buy the dress, its everything you have ever dreamed of, it made you and the people who went with you, to try them on, Cry with joy, as you looked incredible in the dress.

So tell me why you would compromise all of the above for settling with someone who is cheap?

I will paint the picture to you of what has happened, over the last month for me.  I have picked up 6 weddings this year from brides who have gone out and booked a Makeup Artist based on price, they have then gone to the trial and come away pretty deflated because it too heavy, the base is thick and the wrong shade and the photos they have seen on Instagram have been edited with face tune and in reality to the naked eye it hasn’t worked and the makeup is nothing like the edits they have seen.

I am seeing this time and time again and it is not just me, another highly experienced Makeup Professional too posted the same message this morning that she has being contacted last minute to help where the bride to be has been disappointed with the look after trial.

So this is why you should do your research and if you can find the extra budget or ditch something non essential to get the overall look right.

I have been a Makeup Professional in Bridal for 10 years now and 5 of those years I have been full time at it.  I have a wealth of experience and I know how a wedding morning works and how it should flow.  From meticulous timed plans that have been agreed with the bride.

I can create any look based on your vision from the very natural to the more glamourous looks but I always ensure that it is correctly done, no contrast in colour between the face and the neck and the current trend for yellow foundation on pink under-toned skin and don’t get me started on metallic strips of highlight and no blusher.

I am not saying all that charge cheaper prices are not good enough there will be emerging talent coming through who are starting out but sadly our beautiful industry is being slowly eaten away by 2 day courses promising the world and at the end of it you will become an MUA.  These Makeup Artists are flooding the market and making it very hard for long time professionals like me and my friends in the industry.

Then on a wedding morning the amount of times I have helped a bride into her dress or calmed a situation down.  I am more than just a Makeup Artist, experience is everything in making a wedding morning go exactly to time and to plan.

6 last minute brides in a month and this is just me experiencing this and my MUA friend this morning saying the same thing that she has seen an influx too.

I am not trying to sound like nasty lack of positivity, negative Nancy, I just want brides to be to see past this and look at the wealth of knowledge and experience someone like myself has.

Do your homework, there is a reason when on a forum asking for recommendations my name often appears from past brides and colleagues in the industry that know I am a perfectionist and a consummate professional and I pride myself on giving the VERY BEST.

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  1. Louise March 29, 2019 at 3:59 pm - Reply

    100% agree with this! You’ve got such an incredible talent and you’re worth every penny! I can’t wait for you and Carol to be part of our big day ☺️

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