Jean Shrimpton and David Bailey Vibes

//Jean Shrimpton and David Bailey Vibes

Jean Shrimpton and David Bailey Vibes

I do bridal but from time to time I hook up with Photographers and do collaborative and styled shoots, its fun and it means I get to be creative.

So for me I have a real passion for fashion and I always have had from an early age all I wanted to do was be a fashion designer, however it never panned out that way.

So the 60s for me is the most amazing time for Makeup, Fashion, Music and a time where young people had more freedom to express themselves from post war era.

This shoot is from several years ago with Keith Hitchmough Photography and Karen Dawson, hair stylist. I styled most of this shoot from items we found in Resurrection Vintage clothing and some items I borrowed from my Mum who was a very trendy 60s chick so she helped me massively in the planning of the makeup.

Keith was very influenced from the studio shots that David Bailey did with the iconic 60s model Jean Shrimpton and with myself and Karen being so passionate about the styling from this time we knew the images were going to be something special.

For the Makeup, I used blue shadow and made a line in the crease with khol liner which is known as a cut crease which Jean and Twiggy were known to do (Twiggy much more so) and I used individual cluster eyelure lashes to create that baby doll eye.

Base was kept very Matte as they did not really work with shimmer and highlight in those days, you have to remember this was the time where ladies used Max Factor Pan Stick which pretty much blanked out the skin and it was very heavy and my Mum said this was what she wore.

When speaking to my Mum she said she wore very light lipstick and frosted pink, now frosty pinks aren’t really as easy to come by as not really fashionable so I scoured loads of shops to find some and in Wilkos I found a frosty Pink on the Essence stand and very cheap and it was exactly what I needed.

A shoot like this take weeks of planning and I do create mood boards and face charts on the run up and researching looks and this is the creative process that I love.

I love to occasionally share my passion for fashion and a real passion for the 60s as if you do follow me a front cover of a magazine at the moment has a styled 60’s shoot from my love of this era in fashion. It gives you brides to be the chance to see the versatility and how my mind works.

If you like what you see then get in touch.

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