Peach Fuzz – what is it and my thoughts….

//Peach Fuzz – what is it and my thoughts….

Peach Fuzz – what is it and my thoughts….

So peach fuzz is the MUA slang term for the Vellus hair on the face, so that light fluffy hair that you find around the cheeks of the face mainly.

I will be honest I get it and I get it quite badly because I am fair, I get rid of it and I always have done because I don’t like the way the foundation sits on it and I don’t like seeing it catching the light, so I have always removed it for as long as I can remember and it has never ever grown back thickly, or coarser its always remained soft fluffy fair hair. I also find that by removing it my skin looks younger and brighter.

I think for a bride to be before her big day I would say remove it because it will do all of the above, that I mentioned, stops makeup sitting on the hairs, and brightens the skin.

So how to remove this hair:

I personally use a special razor, I get them off ebay but Wilkinson Sword have just brought out a product that removes hair off the face, when I do this I always use an oil to stop any irritation.

JML do a hair remover which looks like a lipstick called Finishing Touch which is designed to remove unwanted vellus hair.

I used to get my face threaded but I warn you this is painful but it really lasts and makes the hair grow back less prominent over time.

Then there is Dermaplanning which is amazing as it is a facial and hair removal in one go it will remove the vellus hair and the dead skin cells too which will make the skin appear brighter and clearer. However like any facial do not do it the week of the wedding. I had a bride several years ago that had a peel the Wednesday before her big day on the Saturday and you guessed it she peeled on the Saturday and I spent an hour removing the peeling skin as I could not apply the makeup over it…. a lesson learnt to tell all my brides to not do facials the week of the wedding because you could react and you may get a break out or peeling.

Many MUA remove their own peach fuzz because we know that we get a cleaner finish to our makeup and me being a skincare addict I know that it does wonders.

Try it maybe a few months before and don’t worry about the hair becoming thicker and coarser over time because this simply isn’t true for peach fuzz hair.

I know my stuff and I hope you enjoy my blogs and if you are looking for a bridal makeup artist then get in touch.

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