Rosecea – covering and soothing the redness

//Rosecea – covering and soothing the redness

Rosecea – covering and soothing the redness

Rosacea is a skin condition that is in my family and I have developed it over the years and it effects around my nose, however my older Sister, Jayne has this also but much more severe than I. So on Saturday I spent time with her and played with her skin and face and she looked stunning, she is the only person I do before and after on because she is happy to help other people who have the same condition as her.

They call this condition the curse of the Celts and being of Irish descent and very fair skinned maybe there is some truth in this. Basically the face becomes easily red and flushed and in some cases there can be little pimples which is called Papulopustular Rosacea and then dryness which my sister experiences. The redness gets worse in certain circumstances: Stress, hot and cold, UV, Alcohol and spicy food.

The thing I find when I come across someone with Rosacea is that they always look for something high in coverage to cover the redness and sometimes I feel that this isn’t always the way to go, we can cover skin conditions without resorting to bases that are heavy, claggy and giving that caked effect.

Foundations and bases have come on leaps and bounds over the years and I wanted to cover some of my favourites in my blog and also talk about caring for the condition with skincare products.

Rosacea can be easily aggravated by abrasive skin care products for example with my Sister she gets lots of dry skin and this needs exfoliating but never would we ever use a grain type of cleanser on her skin because it would cause more damage than good to her skin. I prefer to use a very low strength Glycolic Acid on the skin and sweep the skin with something like Glow Tonic from Pixi or glycolic pads from Nip and Fab.

I then like to use Hyaluronic Acid on her skin to sooth any dry skin and also this product has great healing properties which a Rosacea sufferer needs.

A great Moisturiser and one that is great to sooth the skin La Roche Posay do a great Anti redness cream with added SPF 15 called Rosaliac. I also love Rosehip oil on Rosacea as it contains vitamin E which is a antioxidant known for is anti-inflammatory properties so perfect for the skin.

So covering it and it all depends on how bad it is because sometimes it can be worse than others and covering it will help a ladies self esteem and confidence so I understand why a lady would feel she needs to go for a full cover.

My personal favourite and for me as I am ageing I need a base that covers that red nose but it doesn’t feel heavy and it doesn’t sit into my lines and my wrinkles and some bases now sadly can, so I use IT Cosmetics CC Cream when I feel red and want it covering, but I love this base anyway because it can be built up on and it lasts all day without touch-ups.

I was recently gifted a base from Peggy Sage Code Cosmetics and this is Luminouskin and I am blown away by how it covers, how it lasts and how it covers again without looking heavy and it looks so seamless and when I have been having a red day I have turned to this base also.

For this image I have used Airbase as I wanted to show how this covers as I use this for my weddings again it is a base that will cover but you will never get that heavy feeling or caked skin.

I have always believed that good makeup will always come from good skin preparation but a Rosacea skin needs to be treated well and more considered.

I love learning about skincare and I find it fascinating and working with new and exciting brands of makeup because the technology behind makeup just gets better and better.

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