Skincare is so important on the run up to the big day

//Skincare is so important on the run up to the big day

Skincare is so important on the run up to the big day

I like blogs as it gives me a chance to talk about things that are so vitally important or I can convey how I feel about things and this for me is fundamental for all my brides.

So of late I have been doing trial after trial and not all, but some brides to be, come to me with skin that could be better or speaking to them about skin care I discover that there is nothing being done whatsoever, probably because they are young and they think that it is not important.

Skincare at any age is so important and even more so when you are preparing for the biggest most important day of your life.

I say it time and time again at trial that skin is dehydrated, the skin is overproducing oil, or dry patches.

Many trials that I do I will advise on a skincare routine to adopt on the run up to the big day and most of the products that I recommend are reasonable priced, from The Ordinary which I buy on Beauty Bay.

Even it could be a little shift in routine, from using cleansing wipes (my biggest pet dislike by the way) to properly cleansing, toning and moisturising, or introducing hyaluronic acid before the everyday moisturiser.

So at the trial I do all I can I can in terms of skin prep but overall it comes from a good skincare routine from young.

I have always had good skin and always looked after mine from my teens and I have understood that the key to good makeup is the canvas beneath and if that is tip top and the best it can be then the final look is going to be amazing.

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