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The Hopeless Romantic

I have been out mentoring this morning at the Make-up Degree with Hugh Baird College in Liverpool.

I spoke to the students about running a bridal makeup business and they asked me lots of questions and picked my brains on what I am doing. So one of the girls asked me am I a Hopeless Romantic, and I thought what a lovely question to ask me.

I think doing this for a living I am a hopeless romantic and I think you have to be otherwise I really am in the wrong job. I love my job and I love weddings, I love the excitement of that morning and then seeing it all come together and then seeing my work done and then she disappears to wed the love of her life.

Love is love and it is a beautiful thing when you find that special someone, I have always been surrounded by it, my parents celebrated 50 years married this year and my Dad still looks at my Mum the way he has always done and I have never seen them argue, even now with her being poorly with her Parkinson’s Disease which is a challenge daily for them both, they are still so happy.

I met my Hubby 13 years ago and I was fixed up with him by a mutual friend, as soon as I saw him I knew I was going to marry him, I mean it took years to get there and I had to finish with him to make him commit but 6 years we have been married and we are mega happy even with the challenges we have faced together over the last 3 years. Life doesn’t always go the way you hoped but we have each other always.

I love romance, I love hearing about people’s stories on how they met and then seeing the weddings and everything with it.

Personally I enjoy a good chick flick and Love Actually is a film that always get’s watched on the run up to xmas. I also love a good period drama and I had a total infatuation with that Ross Poldark fella…..

Romance is definitely not dead for me and I loved that question today because it sparked my blogging inspiration to write this.

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