The SOS kit

//The SOS kit

The SOS kit

This is a blog from my experience of things that have happened to my brides once I have left them.

Obviously I work with makeup that is waterproof and is long wearing but there are still things that will happen and you just need to get a makeup bag ready with a few things that will help just in-case.

Lipstick or Gloss

The one thing that I can not make last is your lipstick or the gloss that I apply, it will come off and what I always say at trial is find the lip colour for you and I will apply that, but make sure you pop into the bag for later use in the day.

Pressed Powder and Blotting Paper

I use makeup on the face that is there to last and if I have used airbase it is silicone based so it is long wearing but, skin will be skin and skin may sweat or product oil and you may get a shiny T zone, so pop some blotting pads to blot away the excess oil and then apply a pressed powder afterwards and you are good to carry on with the day.

Amazon sells good blotting pads and so does Superdrug, they are pretty easy to get hold of.  Pressed powder try Rimmel Stay Matte or Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless finish.

Eyelash Glue

I always recommend to my brides to consider wearing semi perm lashes (another blog to come on this) but many don’t want to have them and I get that so I do use strip lashes and I use a great glue called duo, however you might find that happy tears bring those lashes off I the corner so pop a lash glue into the bag, the best one is the duo fast acting or Revlon which you can get in Superdrug as they come with an little applicator that makes it easy to apply the glue direct.

A sewing kit

It has happened twice now, where I have had to repair a gown and I do have a sewing kit now because of it but…  I leave and it could happen so make sure you have strong needles as the dress fabric can be hard to get through, cream or white cotton and a thimble.  This isn’t necessarily going to happen and the countless weddings I have done, its happened twice but it could happen.

Mini scissors

This is for cutting away any little snags on dress and cutting off the tags from the veil, jewellery and the gown.  I have lost countless pairs from loaning to my bridal party to remove tags and me forgetting to ask for them back.


I leave just after you get dressed and you have a look that may be more considered daytime, I do come back to create an evening look for an extra £100 but only if 20 mile radius from my home in Hawarden.  You might want to up the glam stakes for the night do, so be it a gel liner for a slick of liner on the top or maybe a flick or my personal fave of using kohl in top and bottom waterline, its an instant boost of glamour.


Be prepared, skin is skin, things happen and its just best you have a mini kit of essential things, just in case.


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