The things in my kit I could not do without….

//The things in my kit I could not do without….

The things in my kit I could not do without….

A thought I would write a piece about the things in my kit that I can never be without, the things that I have on stockpile so that when one runs out I have its replacement sitting on a shelf ready to take it’s place and there really are many things I love but these items are the things I truly love and if the brands discontinued I would cry.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Filter (or as I like to refer to it as magic in a bottle)

I can not express enough how much I love this product, every wedding without exception is privy to a bit of the filter. It takes skin from good to amazing and takes the skin work I do to another level it really, really is that good.

It can be used in many ways too and this is another reason why I use it and it has become my must have in all looks I do. It can be used as a primer under the makeup to give skin that luminosity from within, it can be mixed with your base to give that effortless dewy gorgeousness to the skin, it can be worn on those days when you skin is so good as your base as a luscious tinted moisturiser, finally it can be used in the way I prefer to use it as a highlight and what I do is take a fluffy brush and buff it into the cheekbone, cupid bow, above the brow and in all the places that I want to look dewy and highlighted but it will never ever look metallic which is something I dislike in highlight.

It is just £30 a bottle but a little really does go along way and it is all I say it is and more and a must have for any makeup geek.

Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentrate

If you have not worked it out already I am all about good skin, I mean I rattle on about it non stop and the reasons why we should all get into a routine with our skincare but many don’t and what I like about this product is that it makes all skin look flawless ready to get started with the makeup, it instantly evens the skin out for me and adds a wonderful glow. I always stockpile this product because when one is gone I can immediately replace it into my kit as I go through this product all the time.

I was introduced to it several years ago and I have never looked back it is my go to moisturiser and primer in one and if you haven’t tried it, again give it a go, it ranges from £20 and I tend to get it off Beauty Bay.

Essence – All eyes on me Waterproof Mascara

Now you think I am all about the expensive makeup and I am to a degree. I have to use Waterproof Mascara in all that I do as I specialise in bridal and a big thing for a bride is not to have running Mascara and looking like a Panda, cause lets face it she is going to cry.

I have tried all the waterproof Mascara you can think of from high end to drug store and this Mascara is the only one now that I will buy, it coats the lashes brilliantly, it separates, it is a good black (sounds mad but it is) and it lasts. Yes it has a £1.99 price-tag and I pick it up with my household purchases at the Wilko, but I love it and it tops all the high end I have had my hands on so this is my must have mascara in my kit and long may it stay there and for £1.99 when one is over I have another one ready in the wings.

Remember ladies you should never have a mascara on the go longer than 3 months and I go through them in height of season, one a week so for £1.99 its all good.

Charlotte Tilbury – Pillow Talk Products

So what started out as a lipstick which is the most beautiful colour in bridal, it is a pink nude and it pretty much suits everyone but depending on your skin tone and colouring it can look different on one person to the next. So it started out as this wonderful lipstick which is my go to and its beautiful but then she added a range of products in the Pillow Talk family and me being the Charlotte Tilbury addict that I am, had to have them all, so the palette is my go to this season with the trend for dusky pink in the gowns of the bridal party, it really works and then the pigment of a slight rose gold being amazing to add an accent and touch of class to the finished look. So there is a gloss in the range which I use in the centre of the lip to make the lip appear fuller, and a lip liner. The only think I don’t have in the range is the blush as I have enough blush products but I am sure in time I will change this. It really is a wonderful range and a beautiful colour palette which has become my go to shades as they compliment everyone.

This is why I love Charlotte Tilbury products and the ethos of the business, it is all about enhancing natural beauty and bringing out colours and shades with really do help to bring out the beauty in a person’s face and I like that and it really works I think, for bridal.

Peggy Sage Code – Eye Reviving Dark Circle Concealer

This product for me is amazing, countless weddings I have done where bride has been living on a small amount of sleep on the run up to the big day and as a consequence she has dark circles and looks a bit tired. Dark circles need to be neutralised, what we say is blue in tone and opposite on the colour wheel is orange/peach so this instantly takes those circles away, but…. why I love this over any on the market is because it does not sit or grab those fine lines and wrinkles which many concealers do so I am secure in the knowledge that I can use this on mature clients and the younger clients alike and know I am going to get the results I need and want.

I think this is about £11 so its a good price and a little goes along way but I see a change instantly from using this. Miracle stuff and will long be in my kit as long as they do not discontinue it which I WILL cry…..

This is also the brand who are sponsoring my over 40s Makeup Masterclass.

So there you have it an insight into 5 products I love and can not do without and are my favourite products that I use in my kit, maybe things might change if I write this again in a years time, as I am always buying stuff but for now this is what I use and this is what I love.

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