Trials – How to get the most out of the trial

//Trials – How to get the most out of the trial

Trials – How to get the most out of the trial

I am about to embark on trials again in the next couple of months and I feel the need to write another blog about them and why they are so important

All my trials are done from my home studio in Hawarden not far from Chester. I do them here as I have access to every piece of Makeup that I own along with skincare. Please note the space is large but can only accommodate 2 people coming to observe, so please do not bring a large entourage to the trial as I don’t have the space for them to sit, however there is a hotel across the street called the Village which has a Starbucks and comfy seating areas for them to wait for the trial to be complete.

When you come try and be on time as I tend to work back to back on the weekends I am doing trials and I allot a 2 hour appointment for each trial and I can not run over into the next customer’s appointment.

Trials tend to be the bride only, it is not necessary to do all the bridal party, but if you want to do the trial for Mum and maybe one of the Bridesmaids, this can be accommodated.

Please come with clear skin and no Makeup to be worn, you can apply skincare that morning as any skincare is a bonus for the trial.

If you can style your hair not particularly the way you plan to wear it on the day, but having it done over being scrapped into a bun or not styled, helps you see the final vision.

A big tip of mine is to wear something white or ivory, as again gives the right colour backdrop and helps you see the vision against the white or ivory.

Come with so much inspiration, please do not come to trial with no clue to where you want to go with the final look as on arrival to trial this may be the first time that I have met you, other than the clothes you are wearing I do not know your personal style and I have to use the info you give me to gather my thoughts in order to create your vision. Pinterest boards, images of my past brides, swatches of your colour scheme, pictures of the dress, flower ideas, all this helps me paint a picture of how you want to look on the day. I can not stress enough how important it is to come to trial with ideas and things you like.

Come with an open mind there may be a need to work on a skin care routine on the run up to the day because your skin might be oily or dehydrated or just needs a little boost of a routine before the day. I am always keen to advise on skin care as this is something I am very passionate about.

Advising me of how your skin is with particular types of makeup and giving me an understanding of the type of coverage your like on the skin from light through to full coverage. It helps me so I know what is required.

If your look is all about lots of liner then show me how you would wear your own makeup so I can still retain your personal style in my final look and if you don’t wear a look normally day to day, like a red lip, then do not do this for the wedding day as you will look back and be disappointed.

Finally spray tan is fine for the day but do not get any tan done on the face as it dries the face out and makes it harder with application as it can make the skin appear patchy on the face. I am going to do another blog on this so watch this space.

It might seem a lot to take in but it will mean that you will get the most out of trial and it will be a wonderful experience.

I look forward to starting trial season again in the next few weeks. So if you are a 2020 bride get the appts in the diary asap, as from April I go back into wedding season and weekends are not possible.

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