When did we become so obsessed with covering our skin?

//When did we become so obsessed with covering our skin?

When did we become so obsessed with covering our skin?

Skin and Makeup Artists when did it become a thing as the pinnacle of being a good Artist is that we cover skin in layer upon layer upon layer of full coverage products and a good makeup artist is judged on application of heavy makeup.

I disagree and have always been a makeup artist who works with clients to let the skin that they have shine through and I admire Makeup professionals who embrace the just a touch attitude, my favourite on Instagram being Katie Jane Hughes who isn’t afraid to just prep her skin and then only cover areas of the skin that need to be covered with concealer, yet her makeup and work is some of the most beautiful, fashion forward looks I see.

I sit and sometimes go through my Instagram feed and watch in amazement at these minute clips of “influencers” starting with illuminator which they pump on the skin from the bottle? they smear this in and then onto the full coverage base again pumped directly onto the face (usually the wrong shade) from the bottle and then bounced into the skin with a beauty blender, following a triangle of a white or yellow concealer again bouncing the beauty blender into the face, then cream contour.  Finally a thick layer of powder.

So when did we become so scared of actually loving the skin we have and embracing it? because the above just is not necessary and away from a photo using a ring light and phone filters, in everyday light it doesn’t look great and the sad thing is this is filtering into bridal makeup and without the phone filters and ring lights it isn’t making your wedding photographers job easy.

So love the skin you have, start experimenting with light and sheer skin enhancing products like the Charlotte Tilbury wonderglow and then using a concealer on a fluffy brush in places that have redness, maybe under the nose and around nostrils and under the eyes.  When I personally do this I get so many comments on how gorgeous my skin is.


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