Your Bridal Makeup Trial, come to trial prepared……

//Your Bridal Makeup Trial, come to trial prepared……

Your Bridal Makeup Trial, come to trial prepared……

Bridal Trials are the chance that you get to try out the look you want for your big day and they are very important in many ways but I feel that I need to give brides to be tips to make the most out of it:

  • When coming to trial make sure you have a clue of what you like, be this by way of a Pinterest boards or images of brides I have done in the past.
  • I don’t know you when you walk into the studio this may be our first time of meeting, I need to know what colours you wear makeup wise, I need to know what you like and dislike.  Maybe if you show me an image of you on a night out or a special occasion, there is no point in me creating a look if it is not what you would go for and you don’t feel like you look like yourself.
  • You may not normally wear makeup and  I appreciate this, however you have to remember that bridal makeup is photographic makeup so it has to look good on camera.  I don’t use products that contain SPF and I will not use Mineral powders because these products can run the risk of flashing back on photos (refer to previous blog post).  All products I use are sourced because they look good in photos.  However even if you do not wear much makeup for photo purposes you need something and sometimes a stronger lip colour than you would normally wear as flash and photos can drain out colour slightly.
  • Let me know what your skin can be like, be in spot prone and oily or dry and sensitive, this is so I know what products I should be using, certain products work better on different skin types.  I know I can see your skin type but helping me clarify this really is a big help.
  • Help me to see your vision for the styling of the day, let me see your dress, your bridesmaids dress, colour scheme and any mood boards you may have.  This really helps me to create the overall look, you may be opting for a vintage style wedding, or maybe a boho and relaxed vibe and by seeing the styling it helps me to envisage the final look.
  • Remember at trial you are dressed in casual attire more often than not, if you can come with your hair styled or curled it will help you see the look better than if you have it tied up in a scruffy bun or roughly dried, if you think the look is a bit much remember on the day you will be in a beautiful gown, hair styled, hair accessories or flowers, veil and everything else, so remember if you are in leggings and a sweatshirt with hair scraped back at trial you are not going to see the full effect, so you have to try and see past that.

I think the key to getting the most out of your trial is come prepared and try and take the above into consideration, afterall you want to make sure I know everything so that I can do the best job for you.  I have had many brides come into trial with nothing prepared before hand and it makes my job so hard, as with everything in life preparation is key so be prepared.

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