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A beautiful wedding at Iscoyd Park

I recently was involved in a beautiful wedding at Iscoyd Park, the venue is located on the border of North Wales, Shropshire and Cheshire and it is truly a stunning venue. The decor is modern and classic at the same time.

This for me was an early start as the ceremony was at the church in Nantwich and reception in Iscoyd, but she chose to stay in the cottage on site the night before and get ready and travel from Iscoyd and it was a 12 noon ceremony.

The bridal party consisted of 4 Bridesmaids, Mum and Rhiannon the bride.

Her style was very tailored and timeless elegance with her stunning gown from Along Came Eve in Chester and the designer is Enzonai.

I worked on this wedding taking assistance with me due to the turnaround and with her not wanting to be up at the crack of dawn for me to do everyone. I do often take assistance with me in situations like this and on this I worked with Helene Dean.

For her Makeup I used Airbase makeup to give her that flawless finish and I used a technique called underpainting where I apply the contour under the base and apply the foundation over this, it works well with airbrushing because I spray the base over so you never get a muddy finish and the contour is there but looks super flawless and blended. I will write a blog about this another time.

Hair was the amazing Danielle Broughton-Evans who is Cheshire based and won 2023 County Brides awards.

A massive shoutout to the photographer on this wedding and that is the incredible Sophie Mort who is one of my favourite photographers, as she is fantastic to have around and her work speaks for itself. if you are planning a wedding please check her out.

So if you are planning a wedding and looking for the best in bridal makeup in Cheshire and North Wales then please get in touch with me via the link below.


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