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A Modern City centre Chic wedding at the fabulous Old Palace in Chester

Clean lines and modern touches for this beautiful wedding in Chester

July was certainly a busy month for me, it was literally back to back weddings with very little time off, most of 2022 was like this because the sheer amount of weddings and postponements.

This was Hanna's special day where she was marrying Jordan. The wedding was at the modern and contemporary, Old Palace in Chester. It is right in the heart of the city along the River in Chester it is literally looking over the River area which is popular and very picturesque it is behind Hickory's and many just do not realise it is there.

I worked this wedding with some of my favourite supplier friends in particular the lovely Carol Ellis-Thompson on hair and Madison Pictures took these beautiful photos you see on this blog post.

I loved how modern the styling was for this bride, with simple clean lines in her beautiful gown and the laid back effortless style. Carol was in her element with hair for Hanna. She loves to work with natural curls and she styled her hair with ease and created a stunning half up and half down style, set off with a dry foliage clip which Carol hand makes through her brand Collections by Carol.

In terms of her makeup I kept it clean and modern but still retaining that classic and timeless look that I am known for. Glowing skin and natural looking finish using Airbrush Makeup and I added a warm sparkle to her eyes using golds and warm brown tones. These looks I create mean that in years to come when my brides look back they won't cringe because classic looks never age.

"Elegance is the only beauty that never fades" - Audrey Hepburn

The modernity came from the bridesmaid gowns that were in tones of bronze and peach and the florals had a mix of fresh and dry, very modern style touches I have seen in 2022. Also I never really get to see the partner on the day but can we just appreciate how dapper, Jordan looks in his military uniform.

This wedding was a pleasure to do and working with some of my industry favourites. Always an honour to be a Bridal Makeup Artist and I never ever take it for granted.

If you are searching for a Bridal Makeup Artist then why not contact me via the contact page on my site to find out my availability. I cover mostly North Wales and the North West of England but I do have a car and will travel further afield if necessary.


Madison Pictures


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