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A Red lipstick a classic timeless look

The most classic, glamourous and elegant look in Bridal Makeup

Photo credit Green Wedding Photography

I am Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson and I am a Bridal Makeup Artist of 15 years and I mostly work from North West England mostly Cheshire and the Wirral and North Wales. I am often asked that my favourite Makeup is and it is old Hollywood Vibes, like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe style. I have a fondness for all things glamour and old musicals and films, so for me it's the polished glamour and it all feels effortless too.

So with the iconic looks of the old Hollywood starlets comes the quintessential bright pop of colour on the lip and it always seemed to be red and a blue red at that. A blue red is the most flattering way to wear lipstick as it tends to suit many skin tones from pale to dark and it makes the teeth appear whiter, so it is win win.

How can it slot into your bridal makeup look? quite easily, remember it is a classic and will not date and classic for a good reason because it oozes style, elegance and pure glamour and on a wedding day you want to be able to look back on images for years to come and the looks have not dated. A red lip too is a brave choice so if it is not something you would do on a night out, maybe stay away from it because they are seeing you on the day and if it's something you would not normally wear then I would say don't do it. However if you often rock the red lip then I say go for it as it can look exquisite next to the white tone of your gown.

If you are unsure about red for the main event, why not think about red for the evening reception to give your look an injection of party glamour.

I have put together three of my personal favourite red lipsticks for you to think about and maybe try:

Natalie Grace

She's the Boss

£20 however use Cathryn10 at checkout for 10% discount

This blog had to include my favourite red lipstick ever and it is She's the boss from Natalie Grace Cosmetics. Natalie like me is an MUA in Scotland and she created her own beautiful range of handmade and hand poured lipsticks and they are the best lipsticks I have ever used. Creamy, long wearing and super pigmented and when I say this red lipstick is my favourite, I mean it. The image above is using She's the Boss.

Also Natalie is a small business and in this climate I feel it is so important to support the smaller independent Makeup brands. They are often superior in quality and for Natalie's brand I can say this wilth experience and conviction.

Mac Cometics

Ruby Woo


I could not talk about great red lipsticks without giving this some love. It is iconic and was the very first red lipstick I bought for my kit and I still have it and use it now, it is matte, vivid and long-wearing which is so important in red lipstick. It is a blue red so has the ability when applied to make your teeth appear whiter.

Classic for a reason and will continue to be a personal favourite of mine.

Dior Beauty

Shade 999


This is purely iconic, and truly as luxury as it gets with lipstick, the beautiful Rouge Dior lipstick in shade 999. it is creamy, luxe and long wearing and a cult shade worn by many celebrities over the years and for good reason. it is a perfect glamorous crimson red.

If you fancy a touch of luxury and channel some real Hollywood glam vibes then Dior 999 is the one.

If you are planning a wedding and you are looking for bridal makeup then why not get in touch with me to find out more about my service as a luxury Bridal Makeup Artist. I based in Hawarden near Cheshire and cover North West England and North Wales.


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