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Pink lipstick a beautiful and perfect choice for your big day

Choosing a lipstick for your big day? another popular choice is pink lipstick

I am Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson and I am a professional Bridal Makeup Artist with over 15 years of experience and I love to blog to talk about my experience and knowledge from all the years in the industry.

I have done a couple of blogs of late talking about lipstick and the final blog in this series has to cover how beautiful a pink lipstick can look on a bride and with nude shades, I would say this is the most popular choice for my brides to be.

Pink lipstick can come in all sorts of shades and hues from pinky nudes right through to a pop of bright pink and you can see why it is a popular choice, it is flattering and very romantic, and again a very classic choice.

A bright pink tone gives a real pop of colour and it can look amazing against the white backdrop of a dress, and you tend to see pinks in the florals and it is always nice to take the shade from the flowers and pair this into the makeup look.

I definitely have many favourites in pink lipsticks and listed are a few of my favourites, again I would say look at matte or satin lipsticks as these will give you longevity over a gloss on it's own.

Natalie Grace Cosmetics


£20 use my code Cathryn10 for a 10% discount

This is a gorgeous pop of colour and it is a absolutely gorgeous as a choice for the bride as the pop of colour against the white gown is simply stunning.

In the range there is also 2 shades with a cooler tone of pink and these are Miss Mauve and the lighter option of Cloud 9.

Natalie Grace lipsticks are hand made and will soon be sold in Harrods.

Pat Mcgrath

Soft Core


I am a huge fan of Pat Mcgrath lipsticks, yes they are expensive but they are worth every single penny, they are pigmented, the packaging is gorgeous and we all love a bit of luxury especially on your wedding day.

The matte lipsticks from this brand are beautifully creamy and not drying at all, and this a beautiful soft shade that is extremely long wearing.

Loreal Paris

Rose Tendre 303


Back to Loreal again and I just love this brand for lipsticks, the packaging is gorgeous for a drug store brand and they are beautiful in formulation and shades and my favourite pink has to be the rosey tone in Rose Tendre 303.

I said it in the previous blog from yesterday about using drug store brands to find the perfect shade for you, because so reasonable in price you can try several without breaking the bank.

I hope these 3 blogs have helped you in some way to find the perfect shade for your day, whether you opt for red, nudes or pinks. I have not covered coral shades which are also extremely popular but I could go on forever so wanted to focus on the 3 main shades I see.

If you are planning a wedding and you are looking for a bridal makeup artist then please get in touch via the contact form below. I am based in Hawarden about 6 miles from Chester and cover North West England and North Wales.


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