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Skincare Goals - Chemical Exfoliation

Removing dead skin and revealing glowing and gorgeous skin

I am Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson and I am a Wedding Makeup Artist with over 15 years of experience and I mostly cover North Wales and the North West of England.

With years of experience and knowledge I have a huge passion for skincare and when you want good makeup you have to adopt a good skincare routine.

I want to talk about texture to the skin and exfoliation in this blog post.

Now often I am seen as a miracle worker where pores and texture are concerned and I also see dry and dehydrated skin that will sadly never look glowing and radiant. Excellent makeup needs good skin and using exfoliants in your skincare routine are going to really help.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) & Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA). AHA and BHA products tend to come from fruits, sugars and lactic comes from milk production.

AHA toners and masks are what I tend to use on my skin as I don't have oily skin and I am dry to normal. BHA tend to go deeper into the skin and pores and these are perfect for those with spot prone and oily skin tones.

These products will help to remove texture, increase collagen production and cell renewal and improve brightness and texture to the skin.

They come in many guises, I own products that are toners that we use after a cleanse, I have 5 minute masks that I use on the skin once a week and I have masks I apply before bed that works as I sleep. I would say my favourites are the toners, which I use on my skin every other or 3rd day and I use the 5 minute mask once a week.

Here are a few you could try that I enjoy using:

Fruitzyme 5 minute mask from Beauty Pie (AHA)

Pixi Glow Tonic (AHA) Great on Normal to dry skin

Pixi Clarity Tonic (AHA and BHA) Great for oily and spot prone skin

Kate McIver Everglow Tonic (AHA) Normal to Dry skin

Paula's Choice BHA Toner with Salycilic Acid (BHA) Oily and spot prone skin

I promise that adding these into your skincare routine you will see a difference in the skin texture, glow and clarity however do not go mad with these products as overuse you could damage the PH balance of the skin and cause irriatation.

Are you planning a wedding and looking for a Bridal Makeup Artist? Why not get in touch to find out how I can help you on your wedding day?


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