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Skincare goals - Double Cleansing

Let's talk about the importance of Double Cleansing and how it could be the game changer in your pre wedding skincare routine

I am Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson and I have been a Bridal Makeup Artist for over 15 years and I mostly work from North Wales and the North West of England.

As well as a passion for makeup I am also a massive advocate of looking after your skin over anything on the run up to your wedding day.

I see it so often an expectation for glowing, radiant and amazing looking skin. However if you want this and you want amazing makeup you have to put the leg work in prior to the wedding and this means you must adopt a skincare routine and be consistent with it on a daily and nightly basis.

An MUA is an artist and instead of paper or a canvas we are working on a face.

So if there is bumpy texture, dry skin and blemishes, this can be covered of course but the makeup is not going to remove texture or cover this smoothly, you have to be realistic and you have to remove these expectations that we are miracle workers.

What you have been fed for many years from Makeup influencers is videos and imagery that has been edited heavily so you never see skin as it really is with makeup. So we are sadly living in a world where false expectations are rife.

So I am going to do a series of blogs and recommendations to get your skin in the best condition that it can be on the run up to your special day.

Let's start at the beginning of any skincare routine and this is basically cleaning your face and we do this with a cleansing routine.

However not as easy as buying a ton of Cleansing wipes or foaming face washes because these things are absolutely awful for the skin. The wipes simply move the makeup, SPF and grime around the face and don't actually clean from the pores and dreadful for the environment. Then face washes change the PH balance to the skin and leave your dry and tight as simply to astringent.

Double cleansing what is it and what is so special about it? It is a night time thing we do it before bed and this is because when we go to sleep our skin goes in repair and regeneration mode and in order to do this it needs to be clear of the makeup, SPF and daily pollution (you still do this even if it is day of no makeup) also these 2 steps do not stay on the face for long they are there to clean the skin and remove grime, therefore do not spend or throw money at this.

So cleanse one if something that is Oily or balm to oil, if you have oily skin please do not panic putting oil on the skin, this is not staying on the face, it is going on and coming off. So you take a blob of the oil cleanser and you massage the whole face including your eye makeup and you will see your makeup and the grime melt off your skin. You then take a flannel which is warm (not hot) and remove everything from your skin.

Next you take another cleanser and this one is something more creamy and again you apply this to the skin and massage in for a good minute, and again take a warm flannel and remove this from your skin. the second step is to ensure all Makeup, SPF and dirt is removed from the skin, soothe the skin and get it ready for your night creams and serums.

The warm flannels too have a function as softly exfoliate the skin and remove the dead skin which can make your makeup not sit well on the skin.

It honestly is a game changer and for me an important step every evening before I go to bed and I do not miss this step ever.

Products I like:

Cleanse 1

Japanfusion Beauty Pie

Camomile Cleansing Balm from Body Shop

Kate McIver Secret weapon Cleansing Balm

Squalene Cleanser from The Ordinary

Cleanse 2

ME+ from Superdrug the Hyaluronic Acid Cleanser

Brightening Cleanser with hot Cloth from Superdrug

Cerave Hydrating Cleanser (not the foaming one)

Vitamin E Cleanser from Superdrug

I love looking after my skin and I love to give my booked brides advice and support on the run up to their day so that on the day they have the best skin and the makeup looks incredible.

If you are planning a wedding and looking for a bridal makeup artist then please get in touch with me for more info.


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