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What to expect from your Makeup Trial/Consultation

How to get the most out of those 2 hours with me.

I have been a Bridal Makeup Artist now for over 15 years serving the North West and North Wales and building up a great reputation for quality and elegance in the looks that I create. An important part of the process of working with a professional artist is that you have a trial prior to your day and in this trial you will meet with me, and we will discuss the style and theme, your personal style and your preference when it comes to wearing your makeup.

So this being said there are things you can do to make sure this trial is seamless and you get the most from it with me.

Come with lots of inspiration for me

It helps to bring with you to the trial tons of inspiration of looks you like and how you see yourself looking this helps me as a starting point to formulate an idea in my head of you and your personal taste and style.

Images off Pinterest, Instagram saves from my work or other artists and also pictures of you on a special occasion where you felt incredible.

I also need to see colour scheme, images of the dress the floral ideas and what you are putting on your Bridesmaids. This again helps me to build a picture of where you are going with the look on the day.

In the first 20 mins I will ask lots of questions and I will ask to see all of your inspiration.

When should I have my Trial/Consultation?

it is so easy to get caught up on the excitement of planning the wedding and you can sadly play at wedding planning in the early stages wanting to go to appointment after appointment and you get swept away.

So many brides have been caught up in wanting a trial 2 years before the day and before they have even picked a dress, decided on theme along with style and colour palette.

I would suggest having a trial 9 months to 2 months before the big day and by this time you will have found the dress, picked the colour scheme and you will have ironed out all of the styling details.

Please note I do my trials during the week usually Tuesday to Thursday, I do not do trials in season on a Friday or a Saturday as this is when I am working physically on weddings. I do not do trials on Sundays or Mondays.

I will always publish my dates on my Facebook and Instagram page for you to pick a date and time that is suitable and DM me and I will confirm the date and time. My times tend to be 10am and 1pm and I only ever do 2 consultations in a day.

Be realistic

You will come to me with images of looks you like from Pinterest or possibly saved from work you have seen on other social media site, but remember this days we can look at images that are often filtered and altered with lighting and photoshop type apps.

Often the person in the image has a different face, eye shape or skin tone to you so looking exactly like that image is not going to be possible, that image will be used purely for what it is... inspiration and the look I create will compliment you, your eye shape and your colouring.

Skin has texture, lines and pores and as much as makeup can in some places diminish this it can not make it disappear.

It is so important to come with an open mind.

Please refrain from wearing makeup for trial

Come to the trial with clean, cleansed skin you can do skincare prior if you like but I tend to do this at the trial anyway and I know the products that work best under my bases.

I know the temptation is there to come with makeup on to show me how you like it, but I would sooner see images of you wearing makeup than you actually wearing it. If you really can not leave the house without it then mascara and a slick of lip gloss should be ok.

Look the part

This part for me is super important and it makes so much sense. If you come to trial in casual clothes with hair unkempt you will not be able to visualise the final look.

It has happed to me in the past where a bride turned up to trial with hair in a messy bun wearing gym clothes and when I showed her the makeup it was a shock and a jux to position for her that she simply could not visualise, where as if she had come to me in something smarter with hair styled she would have seen the overall look come together.

It always works to wear something in white or a similar tone to your wedding dress, this makes so much sense as the dress is white or ivory most of the time. However it also helps me because by wearing a white tone works to detect undertone of the skin.

Some brides also bring along the hair accessory and jewellery as again it helps you paint a full picture of how everything will look on the day.

Also if you can try and schedule hair trial in too at the same time but remember we are separate business we can not always fit you in on the same day due to our commitments outside of what we do, so please do not be disheartened, it's a nice thing to happen but not always possible.


In the planning of a wedding having friends and people surrounding you who support you and help with the style of the day is so important, however on a makeup trial too many voices and people can often cloud your judgement and your vision, after-all this day is yours so I ask that you come to trial alone or with just 1 person who you trust more than anything and someone who is a positive person.

Another point is that my room is small and can only really accommodate you, the guest and myself. However if you feel the need to bring along extra people I live literally 2 minutes from a hotel called St David's park and this has a great sitting area with a Starbucks.

If you want Mum or a Bridesmaid to have a trial that is fine, I can only accommodate 2 people in my space at one time and it is not customary for every member of your wedding party to have a trial plus it will be very costly. However many brides do get Mum to have a trial so that works and if you pick a 1pm slot for trial it means I am not rushing as I do not usually have an appointment afterwards.

About me

I am Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson and I have been a Wedding Makeup Artist for many years with lots of experience and expert in Airbrush Makeup.

If you are planning a wedding in Cheshire or North Wales why not get in touch for more information


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