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The Glowing skin guide

Steps to get your skin in the most tip top shape on the run up to your wedding day

I have been a Bridal Makeup Artist in the North West of England and North Wales for over 15 years now and I know so much about good skin and looking after you skin on the run up to your day.

What can I do to improve my skin?

This goes without having to say it, but getting a good nights sleep on the run up to your day and making sure you get your recommended 7 to 8 hours every night. Sleep is the bodies time to regenerate so it is so very important. Adding a silk pillow case will help to ward off fine lines and wrinkles and I highly recommend using one.

What goes in is going to show on the outside, a diet rich in healthy fruit and veg is only going to help you skin to shine so try and get your recommended 5 a day.

Water is the best skincare product you can use, and one of the biggest contributors to dehydrated and dry skin is not drinking water through the day.

It is just so important to think about the above but there is so much more you can do that can be slotted into your current routine with ease.

What else can I do to help my skin?

So I have talked about your skin and what you can do to improve from the inside but there are things you can do, to the outside of the skin by using products topically to see vast improvement and glowing skin.

Find a good facialist and start embarking on recommended facials based on your skin concerns. I am a huge fan of peels to resurface and target texture (although avoid these in the 2 weeks before wedding, you don't want peeling skin on the wedding day, I have a horror story on that happening) and I absolutely love hydra facials which target on glowing gorgeous hydrated skin, something makeup loves.

I am going to do targeted blogs in the coming weeks on great things you can do at home and one of my favourite skincare steps that makes huge difference is double cleansing. In a nutshell you cleanse once with a cleanser that is more of a balm and oily to bring off your makeup, spf and pollution from the day, use a warm flannel to remove and go back in with a more creamy cleanser (don't use oily cleanser on step 2) and repeat to remove with a warm flannel. By cleansing twice you are making sure every scrap of the makeup is removed and your pores are clear when you go to bed and your skin goes into repair and regeneration as you sleep. This step is a game changer and many of my past brides to be comment on how much this has worked for them.

I talk about hydration so much and this is not to be confused with dry skin because oily skin, dry skin and normal skin can all become dehydrated and it is easy to remedy. I mentioned above water and drinking it through the day but you can add hydration topically to the skin too and ALL my brides are told to use Hyaluronic Acid serum every day morning and night, by doing this you are giving skin a huge drink and what they do is draw moisture to your skin and then it locks it in and it holds up to 1000 times it's own weight in water per molecule, so what you get from it is plump, hydrated and glowing skin. My favourite brand will always be Hada Labo and I use their serum, eye-cream, day creams, SPF and night cream and each product in the brand contains Hyaluronic Acid.

Using Vitamin C topically is great too, so look for skincare with Vitamin C because it helps the skin produce more collagen, it helps to repair and protect skin from UV damage and it adds the most incredible sheen and glow to the skin.

Using SPF is super important as the biggest contributor to premature ageing is exposure to sun and every single day as you leave the house (even when it is grey and overcast or raining) you should wear this product as it is one of the single most important things you can do for your skin.

Finally invest in a good moisturiser and night cream based on your skin type. Again I plan to do a more targeted blog on this and will give you some excellent recommendations from varying price points.

For me skincare is the most important step you can do on the run up to your wedding day. I am an Artist and your face is my canvas, so getting that canvas in the best possible shape it can be on the run up to your day is so important.

Invest the time, invest a little bit of money and use this as time to destress and chill because I know too how stressful wedding planning can be.

About me

I am Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson and I have been a Wedding Makeup Artist for many years with lots of experience and expert in Airbrush Makeup.

If you are planning a wedding in Cheshire or North Wales why not get in touch for more information

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