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The last hour in Bridal prep

I am Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson a Bridal Makeup Artist of over 16 years and I mostly cover Cheshire and North Wales and I am a specialist in Airbrush Makeup.

I have extensive experience not just in wedding makeup but how a morning of prep runs.

I want to talk about why the last hour it is imperative that the makeup and hair is completed and all that is required is final touch-ups and checks. Lately I have been working with other suppliers that I have not experienced how they operate and I have seen elements of prep and the bulk still being done with only minutes to the ceremony. There is good reason why I have a supplier list especially in hair, because I know that they too understand the importance of schedules, sticking to schedules and ensuring that hair and makeup is not still being done in that last hour.

The last hour before the ceremony is a very busy time and it is important that it remains calm so still doing bulk of prep does not help this time at all.

Your bridal party needs to get dressed and ready before you do and then it is time for the bride to dress and in plenty of time it gives chance for the finishing touches to be done on everyone without it feeling rushed and then there is time for the reveals to bridal party and your parents and finally you will meet the registrar if a civil ceremony. I have done weddings where the hair is still being done at 1.40 when the wedding is 2pm and for me this simply should not be happening.

I will always work to completing the bulk of makeup an hour prior to the wedding and if the wedding is to get ready for a church ceremony it might be longer than an hour prior, because travel has to be factored in. I will at your trial agree to a estimated start time and will show you a schedule of the morning and then I will send this to you in writing when I send across your final balance invoice.

Now I appreciate that on a morning things might happen that puts a delay to the schedule and we are humans things occur that put spanners in the works, but where possible I will always try to pull it back and work to still complete and hour prior. I often factor in a 30 min buffer into my schedule to cover any possible curve balls.

If you are seeking a professional bridal artist for your wedding day then please get in touch via the link below:


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