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The popular choice a nude lipstick for your wedding day

Searching for the perfect nude lipstick for your wedding day

I am Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson and I have been a Bridal Makeup Artist for over 15 years and I am based in Hawarden on the North Wales border near Chester so I cover North West England and North Wales.

I am often very integral in the search for the perfect lipstick for my brides to be and for me I find the most requested lipstick shade to be nudes. However nudes do tend to come in a large array of colours and you may admire a nude lipstick on a friend only to try on yourself and it doesn't look that great, and the perfect nude can change from person to person because of the natural hue to your own natural lip shade. Nudes also come in pink tones right through to browner tones.

However it is for me still a popular choice with my brides to be and bridal parties and for good reason there is nothing more classic than the makeup in the image above and that image is from a wedding several years ago so it certainly is a look that simply will not date.

As I did in the blog about my favourite red lipsticks, then I thought I would do the same for my perfect nudes:

Natalie Grace Cosmetics

Be Mine

£20 but with Cathryn10 you can enjoy a 10% discount

Again Natalie Grace lipsticks feature on my favourites and for good reason, the product is pure quality in the pigmentation, the consistency and longevity.

Be mine is a perfect brown toned lipstick and quire possibly one of my favourites in the colour range.

She also has a shade called Bliss a sister to Be Mine that is deeper in shade and looks great on darker skin tones.

MAC Cosmetics

Velvet Teddy


MAC lipsticks are fantastic and ask anybody and they will tell you that they have a favourite MAC lipstick and for me the most requested or worn nude on a wedding day has to be Velvet Teddy.

A true nude and warmer in tone, however it can appear cooler because it is very dependent on the natural lip tone of it's wearer.

L'oreal Satin Color riche

Nude 235


This is an way to try lots of shades to suit you and also formulations, as this is satin so a little more shine to it compared to the other 2 that are more matte.

However at the price point of £8.99 means you are able to try a couple of shades to find your perfect match.

I love Nude 235 it is such a beautiful and flattering shade.

My advice with nude lipstick searching it you have not found yours, is to shop around and use the time between the trial and the big day to find your perfect shade. Look to the cheaper drug store brands to find the perfect shade. Try a matte or satin lipstick as they will give you a bit more longevity than a gloss.

If you are looking for a Makeup Artist for your special day then please get in touch for more information on the link below.


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