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Wedding Photography/Video and the importance of perfect makeup

The importance of good wedding makeup for the day but also for the photos, videos and the memories.

As a Bridal Makeup Artist in North West and North Wales, I have gathered opinions and guidance from local trusted Photographers so you see Makeup from their perspective.

I am Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson and I am a Bridal Makeup Artist and I have been now for over 15 years and in that time I have built a reputation for excellent makeup and a professional approach to my job.

I wanted to create a piece with the help and support of 4 valued and trusted Photographers from the North West and North Wales area. I wanted to get their perspective on why you should book someone with experience who will create looks that will photograph and video well, looks that will last the day and also someone who understands the logistics of a wedding morning because it is time critical.

Photograph/video are the memories

I say this all the time but those wedding photos are your memories and you will be looking at them in many years to come and you will have them out and showing them off for generations to come too. I know the importance of picking elegance and timeless looks over picking trends and makeup like clothing is known for quick trends which are so much fun, but they simply do not translate well on photos that last a lifetime and beyond.

As well as looking for timeless looks, you also want to be aware that your makeup is looking good to the naked eye and the makeup has to look amazing on camera and video and in several different lighting situations from daylight to darker indoor shots.

The makeup has to match your skin tone and most importantly your undertone, there is nothing worse than a face that does not match the body and it causes more work for your photographer in post edit and photoshop.

Another aspect of makeup that matters more than anything is using products that do not react with flash and cause white patches and flash back. I recall years ago a photographer sending me a few photos for advice ( I will point out this was NOT my work) from the evening reception where flash was used in the photo, and there was patches of white powder which the camera picked up but wasn't visible to the naked eye. She was baffled as she could not photoshop as it was that bad, it was under nose, under the eyes and on forehead big white patches. As soon as I saw it I knew it was flashback and the MUA did not have the experience to understand that powders that are called HD powders are for TV but do not work in flash because the high silica content. This knowledge is hugely important as I understand photographic makeup.


Sometimes Makeup and hair get a bad rap for being the reason a bride is late but that simply is not true, because Wedding mornings can be loud, full of people and there are many distractions that can interrupt our schedules, however with my experience and assertiveness I always aim to make sure that my bride to be is ready at least an hour before the actual ceremony and if there is a church ceremony and travel then sometimes even more time before.

The last hour goes so fast, the bridesmaids need to get dressed, Mum needs to get dressed, you need to get into your dress and you want pictures along the way. Then you will meet the registrar and finally once everyone is dressed you will do a reveal to parents and the bridal party so the last thing you need is me still doing makeup in that last hour.

What the photographer's have to say

I asked 4 of my favourite, professional and trusted wedding photographers to explain why it is important to book an MUA who understands a wedding morning and importantly doing makeup so that it looks amazing on your photos.

Capture my big day

I really like working with Mike from Capture my big day he is such a professional his work is sublime, and here are his thoughts

"Timing is everything, for us MUA's bring structure to the morning which is key when you have multiple people to get ready. Often before the ceremony there are first looks with family and the bridal party and that's before any portraits. All these wonderful things take time. By having an MUA everything runs on time with these things in mind which is far less stressful for everyone.

From a photography point of view the make up needs to be able to withstand the day which can be made up of different weather types and busy moments. Sometimes self applied make up, just doesn't last sadly.

We have often seen patches forming from self applied make up later in the day when things got a little warm, a little emotional, a bit rainy or just from lots of hugs.

This is where the professional MUA comes in as the quality of the material and application is so on point, there is no visible degradation that would show up on your photos."

You can see more of the work of Capture my big day on this link - Capture my big day

Marie Lloyd Photography

Marie is such a fantastic photographer, her work is so light and beautiful and she is always a delight to work with on a wedding morning. Here is her thoughts on booking a professional Bridal Makeup Artist.

"Photographers value the importance of a wedding's makeup and hair stylist immensely. It's essential they adhere to the timeline and create a look which suits the skintone, to avoid any heavy editing of the skin in the photos. A good makeup artist should know how lighting, especially flash, affects makeup, and select the appropriate products for a flawless appearance in all lights. It's beneficial to ensure your makeup artist has knowledge of how makeup affects photography for the best collaboration.


To see more of the work of Marie, then you can visit her website here - Marie Lloyd Photography

Madison Picture

I love working with these guys from Madison Picture, Nick and Paul are such fun to be around and having them in prep is such an enjoyable time. They collaborate and appreciate the job we have to do.

"When we arrive 2 hours before the ceremony hair and makeup is always in full swing. It’s lovely to walk into a room full of happy, giddy girls getting ready for the big day. The suppliers you book can help this mood and environment.

Cathryn is not only a fantastic mua but also very experienced. She knows where the best light is, which not only helps her but helps us as photographers.

On a wedding day, no supplier is more important than any other, we all have a job to do and the best suppliers work as a team. Cathryn is a great team player and we have enjoyed many weddings with her."

You can visit their website to see more of their work then follow this link - Madison Picture

Jane Hockey Photography

Jane is super professional and has years of experience in photography and her work is so incredibly classic, elegant and beautiful. I have been friends with Jane for years now and here is what she has to say:

" Booking a professional MUA is paramount as it boosts the Brides confidence making them feel special on the day and enhances their best features. This is also an opportunity to access the best products on the market.

Their pictures will be so much better with air brushing and gorgeous lashes and the make up trial is recommended to make sure the MUA and the Bride both know what is planned and the Bride is happy with her finished look. Having a MUA on the wedding day seems part of the relaxed build up and fun preparations which is very enjoyable but liaising with the wedding photographer to discuss the timeline is important as it will relieve the stress of running late on the day. With the right team around the Bride and good communication it will keep things running smoothly."

You can see more of Jane's beautiful work on this link - Jane Hockey Photography

Get in touch

I hope by reading this blog you understand that by booking a professional MUA it is so much more than us just painting a pretty look on you and leaving, we are worth so much more on your wedding prep because we understand timings, we calm a morning down and manage the flow with our partners in hair styling. The makeup is crucial to last the day but it also has to look amazing in photos in all light situations. We understand this and it is one of the most important things in makeup.

So if you are planning a wedding and you are looking for a professional Makeup Artist for your special day, I am located in Hawarden on the North Wales, England border and I specialise in Airbrush Makeup, so why not get in touch to find out more information.


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