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Why you don't need to book a trial for every single person in the Bridal Party

Bridal Makeup Cheshire and North Wales

I am Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson and I have been a wedding Makeup Artist in the industry for 16 years and I mostly cover North Wales and Cheshire, but I do travel further afield if required. I am a specialist in Airbrush Makeup which is unique for weddings as it contains silicone which is known for it's luxury finish and longevity.

While it may seem logical to include all members of your bridal party in a makeup trial, there are many reasons why it is unnecessary, impractical, and potentially more stressful.

Additional Expense: One of the primary reasons you do not need a makeup trial for every bridesmaid is the additional cost. Depending on the size of your bridal party, conducting a makeup trial for each member can significantly inflate your wedding budget. For trial I charge £75 per person and imagine this if you want me to trial 6 people?

Time: Can you imagine how long a trial would take if I had to trial you, maybe Mum and then 5 bridesmaids, it would take hours upon hours, as long as a wedding morning and it could be 6 or 7 hours and then the focus comes off you and you are the main one here. Your wedding is your opportunity to cite the famous words that it is "All about me"

Bridal Makeup Chester and North Wales

Space and room: I operate all my trials from my a garden studio which is a good size for you, 2 other people and me working, but anyone else it will become loud, crowded and not comfortable for you or comfortable for me working. I only allow you and 2 other people to trial max.

Scheduling Conflicts: Trying to find a suitable time and date where all the bridal party can be together for a makeup trial can be incredibly difficult. Bridesmaids often live in different areas and have their own work schedules, which might lead to significant scheduling conflicts.

Individual Preferences: Your bridesmaids will likely have different tastes and preferences when it comes to makeup. It may prove challenging to achieve a look that suits and satisfies everyone. As the bride, your priority should be feeling beautiful and comfortable with your own makeup, not overseeing your bridesmaids' choices.

Mother of the Bride: There is only one person I would recommend to have a trial with you and that is your Mum, because often mature clients are nervous of having makeup done for many reasons and they should feel special on the day and comfortable and I find that at trial many brides bolt on Mum into the trial and I am comfortable to do this and maybe one bridesmaid, possibly the Maid of Honour but this really should be the limit.

Different Looks: Remember, it is your day! The bride's makeup should be the focus, and the bridesmaids' makeup should compliment, not compete. Hence, a makeup trial for each member is often not required.

Trust the Professional: As a Professional makeup artists I am trained and experienced in working with a variety of skin tones, types, and personal preferences. After discussing the desired look and colour scheme with you, I will know how to ensure the rest of your bridal party's makeup coordinates appropriately.

Limited Time: Lastly, wedding preparations are often time consuming and stressful. If you attempt to include everyone in your bridal party in a makeup trial, it can take up more of your valuable time and add to pre-wedding stress.

In conclusion, while your bridesmaids play a significant role in your wedding, they don't need to partake in a makeup trial. You can still involve them in other aspects of your wedding preparations. This way, they can choose their own makeup styles without overshadowing your wedding day look.


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