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A few questions I am often asked regarding Bridal Makeup

I am Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson Bridal Makeup Artist of 16 years and a specialist in Airbrush Makeup and I cover mostly North Wales and Cheshire in my work as a Wedding Makeup Artist.

I am often asked tons of questions on the run up to the wedding day and I thought I would answer a few of the most common that I get.

Should I wear fake tan on the day?

I am certainly not going to tell you not to do this because after-all I did it for my wedding. I did it to take the paleness away from my skin, but I literally only had one layer of this. Fake tan can grab in areas that you may not want it to, especially the feet, hands and knees, so my advice is to test a few on the run up to the day and pay attention to exfoliation and keeping skin well moisturised prior to it happening.

Also please avoid tanning the face, and this is my biggest ask when it comes to getting a tan, as body tanners or spray tan are not designed to go onto the face. Our skin is so much different on the face we have more pores and the skin is much thinner, so fake tan has a tendency to grab on the face in strange patches especially on the nose where our skin regenerates more quickly as we have a concentration of pores. Also the DHA which is the active ingredient in tanning products will dry the skin out further, as I have had experience where tan has been put onto the face and the skin has dried out and it felt rough to the touch.

You can buy specific tanners for the face and If you have to tan the face then I suggest one of those over tans designed for the body. Many that you can purchase are drops that you add into your everyday moisturiser, so they are much more face friendly.

I am thinking about getting eyelashes done for the day?

Again I am not going to say don't do this because it is your day and when they are done well, they can look absolutely fantastic, but again do your home work and go to a lash artist who you have heard good things and you like their work, and maybe test them out a couple of months prior to the wedding. My advice is to avoid the big long lashes and the overly thick Russian xd style as they can take away the magic of your eye and you don't see the eye itself and the lid.

Some MUAs say to avoid the lashes as it can make our job harder to apply shadow to the lid and we are away that shadow fall-out can go onto the lashes, but I think if you are planning a mini or honeymoon after the wedding then they will take you into that as well.

Do you think a lash lift is a good idea?

This is a treatment I often have done and I love the finish but I am not a lash wearer at all as my own lashes are long so for me it gives my long straight lashes a gentle lift. However I have had this treatment in the past where the lift has been very curled so much so I am unable to put any makeup on my lid and it was a complete and utter fail. My issue from a makeup perspective is when you want to have your lashes done with enhancement, corners or strips then if the lash is too curled it will not work and will not stick as the over curled lash will eventually push the lashes off.

Facials should I have them?

Yes I am all for facials on the run up to the wedding day I think they are a great way of starting a journey towards looking after your skin and not only this they are so relaxing so they are a good way to unwind and chill, because planning a wedding can be all consuming and stressful. However don't have a facial at all in the week prior to the wedding just in-case your skin reacts or you have a breakout.

If you are planning a wedding and looking for a Bridal Makeup Artist for your special day then please get in touch via the link below:


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