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Booking a Makeup Artist who is a specialist in Bridal

Why it is important to book someone who specialises in Bridal

Bridal Makeup is a skill, bridal makeup is not the same as makeup for a party or a night out, and nor is it makeup that you might wear every day for work. It is that fine line and you want to book someone who understands bridal makeup and how it looks.

One of the most important factors in bridal makeup is that it needs to last from around mid morning to midnight, to stay true and elegant through the whole day.

There is also a false rumour being spread that because the makeup needs to last it needs to be thick and heavy and this simply is not true. You can work with the lightest of bases and it will still stay true through the day. It is how the makeup is prepped, applied and set, and not the thickness. After all, who wants to feel and look cakey on their wedding day?

So why should you book someone with ample experience in bridal and knowledge. Simple really, a real Bridal MUA has an understanding of timings and knows the importance of working to a schedule and not being selfish with her time and not considering the other supplier at prep who is doing hair. We draw up a schedule which we will share with your hairdresser.

I have so much knowledge and skill that a morning with me as your MUA means you will be on time and we will not be rushing. I will meticulously schedule and time the morning and will discuss this fully at the trial with you. I will always aim to have you ready an hour before the ceremony and more if you are having to travel to a church.

Experienced MUAs know and will stay on hand until you leave, because at the reveal to your bride tribe or a parent, the chances of you crying are high and I may need to mop up a tear or fix a lash. Also the amount of times I have actually dressed a bride ready for the day, and I know what to do and carry crochet hooks and boob tape if needed.

It is a slick service and comes with knowledge and experience and anyone who specialises in bridal makeup will operate in a similar fashion.

What I am saying you might know someone who does makeup or hair from a salon but they don't do bridal and what I find with these suppliers, is that they are great at hair, but they do not understand how a morning operates and they often don't understand you needing to be ready an hour before and they often take longer and forget to consider other professionals involved in getting you ready.

You do pay a premium for a specialist in Bridal, but in my opinion you can not put a price on a professional and targeted service, like the one that I offer.

Why not get in touch to find out more about my bridal makeup service in North Wales and North West England. I will travel further afield if required.


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