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Golden Hour is the best time at the beautiful Tower Hill Barns near Llangollen

A beautiful, relaxed and romantic wedding at Tower Hill Barns

This was such a beautiful wedding, this summer at Tower Hill Barns near Llangollen.

I met Sian earlier this year at the beginning of the year and she was pretty clear that she wanted a very natural look and a huge focus in the makeup being glowing skin. Because it was the height of winter her skin wasn't as tanned as you see from these images and with glowing skin being a focus it really needs to start early where I will ask a Bride to embark on a skin care routine with hydration at the core and Sian did this.

It was a lovely experience getting her and her Bride Tribe ready on the day, I was working with the fabulous Carol Ellis-Thompson on the day, the photographs in this blog post are by the very amazing Lucy G, who is so much fun and she takes the most incredible photos and her golden hour photos are simply a work of art.

Tower Hill is simply the best venue and my personal favourite venue, I am often asked if I was to plan my wedding again, where I would pick? And it really would be Tower Hill. It has the perfect blend of luxury and rustic, with great personal features and outdoor space, the food is amazing and the dressing room is on the very best for a Bridal Party getting ready on the day. Whenever I am working at this venue I am always excited and feel right at home when there.

So back to Sian's makeup I know you like know what I use: Her skin was incredible she worked on the hydration levels on the run up by using hyaluronic acid, the product I always recommend is Hada Labo which you buy in Superdrug.

I did not use foundation on Sian at all, I simply did not need to her skin was that good, but I did use Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter on her skin to give extra glow and give her this natural sheen. On areas that there was some redness I applied concealer to the skin using a fluffy brush in just the areas that needed cover (this is known as spot conceal method). I used natural flush of blusher using a liquid blush and on Sian's skin I applied Nars liquid blush in shade Orgasm.

It really is one of my favourite makeup looks this season because sometimes less is more and it was so natural, glowing and super elegant.

If you are searching for a Bridal Makeup Artist then why not contact me via the contact page on my site to find out my availability. I cover mostly North Wales and the North West of England but I do have a car and will travel further afield if necessary.


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