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Lets talk about natural makeup looks....

Why it is not easy for a Makeup Artist and is not a quick 10 minute makeover

I have been a Bridal Makeup Artist now for over 15 years serving the North West (mostly Cheshire) and North Wales and building up a great reputation for quality and elegance in the looks that I create. Often I am asked to create very natural makeup looks and sometimes there is the expectation that when I am to create these looks, I am to reduce price or the person enquiring thinks it will take me literally 20 mins max. However it is simply not the case and I am writing this blog to set the record straight when it comes to creating natural makeup or neutral makeup looks

Skin preparation is key

this will start with you adopting a great skin care routine months before your wedding day, please have a look at this blog I wrote on glowing skin.

When I am creating natural looks the skin prep before makeup is really key, I will look for dry patches or areas or I will look for areas that may become over shiny from too much oil. From looking I am assessing the skin prep I will use before makeup.

I say it all the time but good makeup starts from your skin being the best it can be and this isn't something to start the week of the wedding, this is something you need to start months ahead of the big day.

Blending, layering and perfecting

To create a natural look, after the skincare comes the makeup application and it takes time to create a natural look.

Starting with the foundation, coverage be it natural minimal cover maybe spot concealer and something like a tinted moisturiser or something fuller, it is not a case of just applying it. We have to apply it and then blend it and then blend it some more, paying attention to areas where there might be redness, discolouration. It really takes time.

Then you have natural eye looks, again this is not a simple sweep of colour, it again takes layers and blending and lashes that are enhanced with a slick of mascara. If the person wants lashes but wants them to not be obvious, then it is a case of sourcing something that meets the brief.

Natural makeup takes time, it means more care to look natural, however you still need to look like you are wearing some for photograph purposes.

Natural vs Neutral

Makeup Artists often are asked to create natural looks but technically they are what we call neutral looks. The natural look is just that applying makeup to look like the person is not wearing anything at all, think about TV and especially when males on TV who are wearing makeup look, you can not tell they are wearing it.

However neutral is where you can see the person is wearing makeup and it looks effortless but enhances their natural features and that is what brides are asking for when they request to look natural. However as effortless as it might look, it simply isn't.

About me

I am Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson and I have been a Wedding Makeup Artist for many years with lots of experience and expert in Airbrush Makeup.

If you are planning a wedding in Cheshire or North Wales why not get in touch for more information


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