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Tips to having the softest lips for your wedding day

Bridal Makeup North Wales and Cheshire

I am Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson and I am a Bridal Makeup Artist with over 16 years of experience in Makeup artistry.

For your wedding day you want the smoothest, plump and kissable lips and to get this for your wedding day you can follow this simple tip and you will never get chapped lips again. I tend to do this on myself of an evening before I go to bed.

Take some liquid exfoliator I use a bha toner and my favourite is Pixi Glow Tonic, and I just put a few drops on a cotton or reusable pad and swipe it over the lips and this takes away any dead skin that might be there.

Then you take a hyaluronic acid and apply this to the freshly exfoliated lips and you can be quite liberal with this and this will add much needed hydration to those dry lips and locks in the water so they actually look quite plump after this step. There is only one hydrator I use and it is Hada Labo Super Hydrator in premium.

Final step is to lock the moisture in further is taking some vaseline or lip balm and applying to the lips, this step is essential as it holds all the hydration in. The word used by skincare enthusiasts is slugging and it's using the vaseline to hold all the skincare in place as it goes to work.

However Hada Labo have a product called Lip and eye cream - Anti Ageing and it is fabulous and I use this every single morning.

I never ever have chapped lips and by doing these steps you won't have them anymore either.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable and professional Bridal Makeup Artist for your wedding day then you can contact me via the link below:


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