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A Guide to getting the most from your up coming Bridal Makeup Trial

I am Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson and I have been a Bridal Makeup Artist now for over 16 years and I cover mostly North Wales and Cheshire area but will go further afield if requested. A specialist in Airbrush Makeup and a lover of all things weddings. I have a feeling too that this blog will be my most read and will give you the best advice.

It is so important when coming to your makeup trial that you come prepared and you get the best from it and by following these tips you will come away with a successful trial:

Bridal Makeup Cheshire

Do your research

It really helps that you do your research before you come to the trial. Knowing what you like and what you want from your makeup for your wedding day is so important. Everyone has their own preference and idea of what is beauty and it is my job to create the perfect look on you based on your preference and personal style.

So a good starting point is to go through my Instagram and have a look at past brides I have done and save any that resonate with you, a quick look on Pinterest too helps.

It also helps for me to see the dress, the styling around the day, the colour scheme, the floral ideas and the dresses you are picking for the bridal party.

This is helping me to find out more about you, because often when you come into my studio, I have never met you and I need to in a short space of time, find out all about you and your requirements for your day.

So coming prepared really helps the trial to flow and you leave happy , excited for the big day.

Bridal Makeup at Iscoyd Park

Be realistic

When you come to trial I will ask you to save images of looks that you like either of past brides of mine through Instagram saves or you look on Pinterest.

However when using a resource like Pinterest the images are not always as they seem, and they are often filtered or edited.

Also look at inspiration of people that resemble you in terms of skin tone, eye shape, hair colour etc. if you choose an image of a person with large rounded eyes and you have hooded eyes, the finished look will not look the same and your expectation won't be met.

Coming with an open mind is essential and taking my feedback and advice especially if I suggest something that may look more flattering on you.

Bridal Makeup North Wales

Timing the trial

I would always suggest that you book the trial with me 8 to 2 months prior to the wedding day.

Too early as in 12 to 18 months prior and you end up often having another trial because you often haven't got the dress and the styling together.

By sticking to the suggested timings means you will have a the final details ironed out so we can agree on the final look.

My times for the trials will always be a slot at 10am and another at 1pm and please do not expect weekends.

I release the dates in priority order and will tell you to get booking and I post all the dates and times on my socials and give you plenty of notice and reminders. Ultimately it is your responsibility to arrange this with me.

Bridal Makuep North Wales

Clean skin and no makeup

Come to the trial with clean, cleansed skin and makeup free.

I know there is a temptation to come to the trial wearing makeup to show me how you like it, but I would sooner see photos of you wearing makeup for special occasions than you actually wearing any. If you can not leave the house bare faced then a slick of mascara and lipstick should be ok.

Remember also why you have booked a professional Bridal Makeup Artist and I appreciate you may wear your makeup in a certain way but as an artist I have the skills and knowledge to apply makeup to suit your face and features and it might be something you are not currently doing with your application.

So use it as a fantastic opportunity to have makeup professionally applied to enhance your beauty and your features.

Bridal Makeup in Cheshire

Wearing White

So this might seem a strange request but believe me this request makes so much sense when you think about it.

Basically you are about to have full on makeup applied to your face and what you wear to trial might make it hard to visualise how you will look on the day. So by wearing white helps you see the makeup against a white top which will no doubt be similar in tone to what you will wear.

Also it helps me to detect the undertone of your skin if you wear white, because the colour you wear can often reflect on the face and distort your undertone.

Bridal Makeup in Cheshire

Look the part

I suppose this tip comes hand in hand with the previous advice.

If you come to Bridal trial in gym wear and a messy bun, you will finish the trial with a full face of makeup and often it can be hard to visualise if you are dressed so casually with messy hair.

If you wear something white on the top and style your hair, when you are handed the mirror you will be able to visualise that final look on your wedding day.

If possible and it isn't always the case, but you can try and get a trial at the same time for hair.

Visualisation is so important and it makes perfect sense to come looking the part to the makeup trial.

Bridal Makeup in cheshire

All about the base

When you come to the trial I will ask you tons of questions and the main one will be: What foundation do you wear on special occasions? by telling me this I am able to ascertain what type of finish and coverage you would opt for. I stock several different foundations that I have tried and curated.

Airbrush Makeup for those brides that enjoy skin like finish, Nars Pro Longwear is for those that want that heavier coverage and Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless is great on oily skin.

My kit is meticulous in the way it has been tried and tested and what I own covers all my requirements. I will not purchase a base because you want that as for me I can't just have one shade in that brand I need several and my kit is at capacity. If you specifically want that base my suggestion is you bring that on the day of the wedding and I will apply this for you.

Bridal Makeup North Wales


I am all for support from friends and family in the planning process however I would advise not bringing a massive entourage to the trial. Tons of opinions and tastes can often take you away from the original vision you had in the first place, plus the studio that I work from is in my home and it is not big enough for you all.

I am happy to bolt on a trial to yours for one extra person and it is customary for many brides to ask for a trial for their Mum. Try and pick a 1pm slot for the trial as I don't take on bookings after this time so I will have more time to do the 2 comfortably.

My space is comfortable for you and I, and one other person who you feel will be valuable on the day and the opinion is one that you trust.

If you bring extra then I would suggest they wait at the Starbucks in the Village Hotel, St Davids which is approximately 600 yards from my home studio.

Bridal Makeup Cheshire

Payment for the trial

Payment for the trial is separate to the one the day costs and I can not add the trial cost to the final balance and the payment for the trial must be made on the day of the trial.

I accept payment via cash or bank transfer and you are welcome to access my wifi on the day.

I do not own at this moment a card reader as I simply do not use often enough to warrant this but I do hope to get one in Spring of 2024.

I do hope you have enjoyed this blog and if you are planning and wedding and you are seeking a Bridal Makeup Artist for your wedding in North Wales or Cheshire, then please get in touch via this link.


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