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When looking for Bridal Makeup don't believe all you see on Pinterest image searching

I am Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson Bridal Makeup Artist and I am based near Chester so cover North Wales and Cheshire area and I am a very niche artist locally as I offer Airbrush Makeup. I love to write blogs and give you tips and the wealth of my experience in Wedding Makeup Artistry.

As a professional makeup artist of 16 years and specialising in bridal beauty, I am no stranger to Pinterest images. These images often find their way to bridal makeup trials as the desired look the bride-to-be wishes to recreate for the big day.

I just wanted to state for the purpose of this blog, these images are not mine or my work, these 3 images I see day in day out when I am doing makeup trials and the one to the left often as an example of natural makeup, when it is anything but natural, this makeup is full glam but using natural colours and if I had a £1 for every time I see it, then I would be absolutely loaded.

While I understand why these images are attractive and appealing, it's essential to know the truth about these seemingly flawless Pinterest images. Most of these pictures are heavily photoshopped and edited, creating a final product that often far deviates from the real look. The reality is, makeup, no matter how skill-full the application it cannot and will not achieve the level of perfection depicted in many of these Pinterest images. Using these heavily edited images as your desired makeup look can set unrealistic expectations and often leads to disappointment.

Keep in mind that Photoshop has the ability to smoothen skin texture, eliminate imperfections, brighten the eyes, enhance lip colour, and much more – changes that are often difficult, if not impossible, to mimic with makeup, because skin has lines, pores and texture.

Another important aspect to remember is that lighting plays a significant role in these images. Most are shot under studio conditions, with professional lighting set up to accentuate the makeup. You might love the way a specific makeup look appears in pictures, but remember that the same look may not translate well in real life or in different lighting conditions. The final look is also influenced by skin type, facial features, and skin tone. An eye makeup that looks gorgeous on someone with big, round eyes may not have the same effect on someone with hooding to the eyes.

Don't let these edited Pinterest images discourage you. Every bride is unique, and makeup is not one-size-fits-all. Your bridal look should be a representation of you – your style, personality, and natural beauty. The role of a bridal makeup artist is to highlight your best features and make you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself. Instead of relying on Pinterest images, talk to me about your personal style and what features you'd like to enhance.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day. After all, bridal beauty is all about embracing who you are and letting your natural beauty shine.

If you like my work and want to see more then you can follow the link button below to send me an enquiry form and I will return with availability and if available a quote.


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