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When a Wedding Venue has a Bridal Prep room.... why they great and some of my favourite spaces

Bridal Makeup North Wales and Cheshire

When it comes to the perfect wedding day, the little details can often make the biggest difference. As a wedding Makeup Artist with over 15 years of experience in the industry, one detail I've found particularly fantastic and often overlooked in many venues is the availability of dedicated hair and makeup preparation room. From the experience of countless weddings I've worked at as a Bridal Makeup Artist, it's clear to me why this amenity is so important - and here's why I believe every bride and her bridal party deserve it.

The bridal party will spend a considerable amount of time getting ready for the big day -this is several hours before the ceremony begins. Having a comfortable, elegant, and private space within the venue where they can prepare, with a Hairdresser in attendance, and an MUA to apply their makeup.

One of the main reasons I love dedicated hair and makeup preparation room is that they provide a calming space on what can be a hectic and overwhelming day. Weddings, as joyful and magical as they are, can also be a whirlwind of emotion. The private preparation room is an opportunity for the bride and her party to have a moment of calm, gather their thoughts, and breathe before stepping into the limelight.

Secondly, these preparation rooms are incredibly practical. The provision of well-lit mirrors, plenty of space, and plenty of electric points, which are critical aspects often overlooked and not available in a standard hotel room. Without a designated room, the bride and her party might have to prepare in less-than-ideal conditions for the professionals working on the wedding because a hotel room for example often lacks space, light, mirrors and higher chairs and the all important plug sockets,

bridal makeup north wales and cheshire

Another reason to love dedicated preparation rooms is that they allow for some incredible and intimate pre-wedding photography. These rooms set the stage for photographers to capture those unique moments of the bride and her closest friends sharing in the joy and excitement of the day. From shots of the bride having her makeup applied, to the final tweaks of the veil and gown, these are cherished moments you will want to remember and look back on for years to come.

Finally, the value of convenience cannot be underestimated. Preparation rooms on site eliminate the need for traveling from a salon or hotel room to the venue. There's no worrying about transportation, the weather, or running late. Instead, everyone can relax, knowing they are already where they need to be. All these reasons highlight the significance of a dedicated preparation room. This amenity should not be an afterthought or a 'nice-to-have' feature, but rather a necessity that enhances the entire wedding experience. To all brides-to-be, my advice is this: consider your comfort, convenience, and peace of mind when choosing a wedding venue. A dedicated hair and makeup preparation room may just be one of the deciding factors that will contribute significantly to your joy on this momentous occasion. As for me, I'll continue to champion venues that prioritise the needs of their brides in these thoughtful ways.

As a Bridal Makeup Artist in North Wales and Cheshire, here is venues locally that have brilliant spaces for Brides to be and the bridal party.

Tower Hill Barns Near Llangollen

Soughton Hall near Mold

Old Palace, Chester

Highfield Hall, Northop near Mold

West Tower near Ormskirk

They make all the difference for everyone concerned from the bridal party to the suppliers working on your wedding morning.

If you want to find out more on how I can help you on your wedding day in terms of Bridal Makeup then please contact me via the link below:


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