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Bridal Makeup using Airbrush Makeup - Why it is the most perfect makeup for your wedding day

Bridal Makeup North Wales and Cheshire Airbrush Makeup

I have been a Wedding Makeup Artist now for over 15 years and the area I cover is the North West of England, mostly Cheshire and North Wales. For the majority of this time I have been a specialist in Airbrush Makeup. It is a very niche skill to have and I love that I can offer this to my brides as well as conventional makeup.

However I am often asked what is it and why is it so different to using a normal foundation. Firstly it is sprayed onto the skin in a very fine mist using a special airbrush gun, so when compared to a normal base that is applied with a brush or sponge, it is pretty unique.

It has so many great benefits which make it the most perfect base for your wedding day and here is a few reasons:

  • As it is applied with air and in a fine mist it gives the most flawless finish that photographs like a dream

  • The brand that I use is Airbase Makeup and I enjoy this brand over others because it contains silicone, an ingredient that is often found in the most high end of foundations and this is because as an ingredient it is heatproof and waterproof which is pretty essential in wedding makeup because of the things that can happen on a day from tears, to hot summer days and much more, means the makeup has to be bullet-proof.

  • The coverage on Airbase Makeup as a brand is so fantastic and because I am in control with the product, I can build it perfectly to the desired coverage that you would want for your wedding day from a light coverage right up to something fuller coverage.

  • Airbrush Makeup also is perfect cosmetic camouflage makeup so it covers a number of skin concerns from Rosecea, Thread veins and acne and it is strong enough to cover a tattoo.

It is absolute perfection for a wedding day and so many of my past brides love it and often leave me reviews or send me thank you cards to say how well it lasted and still looked perfect at the end of the evening.

I hope this blog has given you another insight into Airbrush Makeup and how remarkable it is for your Bridal Makeup and if you want to find out more then please contact me via the link below.


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