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Why is is a good idea to wear a white top to your Bridal Makeup Trial

Bridal Makeup Cheshire and North Wales

I am Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson and I am a Bridal Makeup Artist and I mostly cover Cheshire and North Wales and I am a specialist Wedding Makeup Artist, in Airbrush Makeup which is unique as it is weightless, flawless and requires little touch-ups through the day as waterproof and heatproof.

I love to write blogs and give Brides to be lots of advice because planning and wedding can be daunting.

Wedding makeup Trials are an important part of your pre-wedding planning process. Not only do they allow me to get a sense of your style and preferences, but they also give you the opportunity to discuss your desired wedding day look.

One important tip that many brides to be, may not be aware of is the importance of wearing white to your wedding makeup consultation. There are several reasons why wearing white to your consultation can be beneficial:

A true reflection: The reason to wear white to your makeup trial is so you can get a true reflection of how your makeup will look against your wedding dress. The colour you wear can greatly influence how different shades and undertones of makeup appear against your skin. White will reflect the true color of your makeup.

Bridal Makeup in Cheshire and North Wales

Lighting considerations: When I am working on your look, I am not just thinking about the shades that will flatter you, but also how your makeup will look under different types of light. A white outfit can reflect light similarly to a wedding gown and help give a better idea of how makeup will look in natural and artificial light.

Focus on the makeup: When you're wearing a colour that isn't white, it can distort your skin tone and in particular it can make me being able to detect your correct undertone, and this is so important as wrong undertone can really effect your professional photos. I have had situations in the past where a bride is wearing red to trial and what then happens is it throws a cool pink hue onto the face when in reality the skintone is warm.

Matching the wedding vibe: Every wedding has its unique vibe and theme. Wearing white gives a sense of a wedding environment, which might be inspiring and set the mood for you and the makeup artist.

Remember that the most important thing about your wedding makeup consultation is that you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful.

If you want to get in touch with me to find out more then you can contact me via the link below:

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