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Bridal Makeup is much more than the aesthetic, you have to think about how hygienic is the kit....

I am Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson Bridal Makeup Artist and I have been doing this job now for close to 16 years, based in Hawarden, covering Cheshire and North Wales.

Booking a makeup artist is about more than just the aesthetic results. It's about trust and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your makeup artist is prioritising your well-being.

Brush hygiene might seem like a mundane topic, but when it comes to professional makeup application, it is absolutely crucial. Ensuring your makeup artist understands the importance of brush hygiene is a vital consideration if they are coming towards your face with a brush that looks unclean or you know it was used on a couple of faces prior to you, sitting in the chair then you have the right to refuse it coming onto your face.

Unhygienic brushes not only make for an unpleasant makeup application experience, they also harbour harmful bacteria that can cause severe skin irritations, infections and outbreaks. They are also a major contributor to breakouts and can increase the risk of serious conditions such as conjunctivitis, impetigo, because makeup brushes that are used on multiple faces and unclean can hold Staph bacteria (I would hate to tell you here where that comes from) and harmful MRSA.

Also if an MUA is using a mascara wand or lip-gloss wand direct from the tube and dipping back in without cleaning then run a mile and do NOT let that near your face. I can not begin to tell you how filthy this practice is and sadly I hear all too often that popular MUAs with large followings on social media are doing this.

Properly cleaned brushes apply makeup more evenly, smoothly and beautifully. A brush clogged up with old, dried makeup will not perform the same as a clean brush. You've paid good money for a makeup artist's services and deserve the absolute best and not someone being lazy, dirty and unhygienic when there is no excuse these days with the ready availability of ISOclean that instantly cleans and dries in minutes and disposable lip and mascara wands.

When searching for a makeup artist, it's important to enquire about their brush cleaning routine. An excellent makeup artist will understand the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, ensuring they use a brush cleanser or soap and water to clean their brushes regularly and alcohol based hygiene for the in-between cleans.

By understanding and valuing the importance of brush hygiene, you are prioritizing your health and enhancing your overall makeup application experience. Therefore, ensure you select a makeup artist who understands the true value of a clean brush.

So, remember: beauty is more than skin deep, and a beautiful makeup application begins with a clean brush!

If you are looking for a professional Bridal Makeup Artist for your day in the North Wales and Cheshire area, why not get in touch to find out more about the services I offer.


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