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Hiring a professional Bridal Makeup Artist and understanding the costs

I am Cathryn Kerwin-Rawlinson and I have been a professional wedding Makeup Artist for 16 years and I cover North West England and North Wales.

As a Makeup Artist I daily get asked for quotes and those prices reflect the ample experience, knowledge and skills I have acquired over the 16 years I have been doing this job.

What many people think is I turn up and do a beautiful makeup and then leave and don't realise what goes into the morning and the run up to your day.

I run this business full time, not as a hobby and all the things that go into a business apply.

  • Business taxes

  • Marketing costs like running a website for you to find me

  • An extensive kit full of multiple palettes in varying colours as well as foundations in every conceivable shade and in different formulations

  • Ongoing training so that I keep on top of the latest techniques and styles

  • Petrol and wear and tear on my vehicle

  • The endless hours where I am replying to your emails about the day

  • Hours of admin facilitating the booking and the invoices and terms

  • Business insurance

  • Brushes and tools of the highest quality

  • Unsocial hours which are always weekends

  • Phone and internet bills and all the costs tied to running a business

Bridal Makeup is so much more than me turning up doing my thing and leaving and because of this I charge the price that I do. Often I am much more on the day as I do all the makeup, I dress the bride and I keep the timings of the morning going as with experience comes an understanding of how the morning flows.

I simply charge my worth...

If you would like a quote for Wedding Makeup then please contact me via the link below to my contact form.


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